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If you’ve decided it’s time for a change and you’re ready to part ways with your car, it is important to prepare for what’s coming next. Selling a used car isn’t as simple as just placing an advertisement online, and it will require some negotiation skills and knowledge of the market. 

However, the good news is that with the right strategies, any seller can navigate this process successfully. In this blog post, we’ll look at the tips, tricks, and steps you need to know about to complete a successful sale and maximise the value of your asset.

Understanding Your Car’s Worth: Setting a Realistic Price

The first aspect to focus on is setting the right budget. When it comes down to selling a used car, it is important to look at its current conditions and market demand, but you should also understand the impact of depreciation. 

Generally, if you have bought your car new, it is likely to lose up to 60% of its market value within 3 years of driving it. However, after the 3-year mark, the rate of depreciation will considerably slow down. Ultimately, choosing the right time to sell your car is essential to make the most of your finances. If you are unsure about making the right choice, be sure to partner with an expert or use a depreciation calculator. 

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Next up, you’ll need to get your car ready for sale. Although a lot of this step depends on your own goals, it is important to keep in mind that you can maximise your sales by keeping up with all regular maintenance. 

Checking the tires, brakes, oil, filter, and fluids is an easy and affordable way to make sure that you are getting your car ready for the sale. This will also provide a better service to potential buyers, and ensure that they can get on the road safely from the get-go. 

Making Your Car Attractive to Potential Buyers

Aside from keeping up with basic maintenance tasks, you should also strive to make your car more attractive to buyers. To do so, start by cleaning your car’s interiors and exteriors, taking care of leather parts, and polishing the dashboard and windows. Additionally, you can improve your chances to complete a sale by fixing any minor flaws such as removing dents and bumps. Learn more about this step here:

Gather All Necessary Documents for a Smooth Transaction 

Before you start advertising your car as for sale, ensure you gather all necessary documents for a smooth transaction. This includes your car’s title which proves you own the vehicle. Additionally, if we consider a prospective buyer’s needs, they may want to see maintenance records so keeping those handy is a good idea.

Choose Reliable Marketplaces or Work With a Dealer 

The next step is deciding how you’ll sell your car. One option is to advertise your car on reliable used car marketplaces, like Autotrader, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace. Alternatively, you may consider working with a specialized dealer who can take care of the bureaucracy and paperwork involved with selling a car for you. 

Refining Your Negotiation Tactics

Brushing up on your negotiation skills is crucial when you’re selling your car. Remember, your goal is securing the best possible price without alienating potential buyers. Learn to listen more and understand what the prospective buyer wants, this way, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch to suit their needs and goals.

Upgrading Your Car: Start Here 

Now that you’ve sold your car, it is time to start looking into a vehicle to upgrade your previous one. For this step, you may start to build up your education and find guides on how to buy a car when you know little about this process. 



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How much do you relate to the following statement – I want to buy a car but I know nothing about them. Chances are, you’re not alone in this thought as there’s really no guidebook or shared knowledge given to those who are looking to buy a car for the first time. 

You don’t get taught it at school so you often rely on those around you who are already experienced in buying a car.

That experience is often different too and sometimes conflicting in nature, making it even harder to figure out what is best for you as a new car owner. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to buy a car when you know nothing about them.

Do your own research

Ok, so you don’t know a huge amount about cars themselves. However, there’s still a lot that you can learn with the help of the internet. You’ve got access to so much knowledge, that it’s well worth doing your own research on cars when you don’t know anything about them to begin with.

There’s a lot out there and it can often become a little easier to understand what you’re looking for, once you’ve done a bit of basic research on the topic.

Ask for advice from family and friends

Of course, one of the major benefits of friends and family who drive is that they’ll have their own advice to give on buying a car for the first time. Of course, it’s important to take this with a pinch of salt because everyone’s experience will likely be different.

From choosing a financing option to the cost of the car, it all depends on what they’re earning and their preference when it comes to car types and features. Be sure to ask for the advice though, as it can still be helpful. 

Take someone you know with you when car shopping

When you go car shopping, it’s handy to have someone with you who actually knows what to look for when buying a car. Going alone when you don’t know anything about cars, is likely to result in making a wrong decision.

At least with someone who has years of experience in buying cars, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision on which car to buy.

Check all parts of the car

Be sure to check all parts of the car when you’re shopping for cars. Take your time with each car and make sure to do a check of everything from the interior cabin to the engine and underneath the car.

By doing all of the relevant checks, you’re more likely to find something that doesn’t seem right.

Use a car dealership over private sales

Finally, when you’re buying a car for the first time, it’s best to go with a car dealership. There are plenty of Citroen dealers near me that are worth opting for over private sellers.

Hopefully, with these tips, your experience shopping for a car for the first time will be a positive one.


Have You Ever Considered Turning Driving into your New Hobby?

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Driving is seen as essential by a great number of people. When you are used to sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and making long trips every day, the thought of driving for fun may not make much sense to you. But, if done correctly, driving can be a hobby that is both peaceful and enjoyable. This is especially true when it comes to longer trips.

Driving your own vehicle is becoming less essential now that there are more options for public transportation, car sharing, and bicycle programmes available. Why not make driving into a hobby where you can hone your skills and derive pleasure from doing something you already enjoy? Perhaps consider a Driving Experience or join a Supercar Club and live out your Race Driver fantasy in the fast lane behind the wheel of your dream sport car for the day. Personally if it was me, I’d love the chance to Drive a Mclaren Formula 1 F1 Sports Car for as I’m a huge fan ever since I saw the car featured in Hit Netflix TV Shows like Emily in Paris.

The following is a compilation of the various ways in which driving can be turned into a pastime.

Driving as a hobby

Look for scenic routes

The easiest approach to appreciate the road is to avoid driving through built-up regions and roadways that are crowded with other vehicles. Alternatively, there are a number of fantastic opportunities to experience driving that can be found all around the world, including in the United Kingdom. When it comes to driving through picturesque areas, preparation is the key to success, and you should absolutely plan to make a few pit breaks along the road to take in the scenery.


There are websites, such as National Geographic, that list the most picturesque drives in the UK and provide information on how long the drive will take and what you may expect to see along the way. Your trip might be elevated to the next level by exploring the internet for suggested itineraries, particularly if you are already familiar with an attractive region.


Investing in a second vehicle for pleasure driving

There are a lot of people who enjoy driving, but they discover that their reliable, commonplace vehicle does not excite them very much. If this describes you in any way, you might want to think about purchasing a second vehicle that you can use only for your pastime.


Choose a vehicle that you have a personal connection to.

Figuring out how and where you plan to drive is the most important step in selecting a new vehicle for yourself. Imagining yourself behind the wheel of a sports automobile on winding roads through breathtaking scenery may make you want to grab your keys. Alternately, driving off-road with a four-wheel drive vehicle can turn into a genuine experience. Why not visit a Ineos grenadier dealers?  


Restoring an old vehicle

For drivers who have an interest in mechanical systems, restoring an old car can be an appealing notion. Restoring cars combines a number of people’s interests into a single project, which, once completed, results in a tremendous sense of accomplishment every time the car is driven. The process of restoration is a difficult one that calls for a great deal of patience and can be simplified by seeking the advice of knowledgeable individuals or associating with people who share similar values.


Are You A Driving Enthusiast?, Experience The Best Supercar Club for The Day in the UK


Top Tips to Consider When Buying A Sports Car And Can You Realistically Afford It?

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If you have always wanted to own a sports car then you may have been waiting for the right time to buy one. If that time has come around then you will need to know the essentials about buying and owning a sports car. They need a lot of looking after, special due to the price that people usually pay for them. If you are going to be using your new car every day as opposed to a weekend car then you will need to give it lots of TLC.

Investing In A Sports Car

Know Your Budget

When it comes to buying any car, you need to know your budget. This doesn’t differ for a sports car, you will need to work it out regardless. Ideally, you should have enough money to buy your new car without it leaving you out of pocket. Figure out how much you have left at the end of each month and save up for the car of your dreams. Your budget should also take into consideration things such as the cost of just wheel repair or running costs. With a sports car, these can sometimes be higher. 

Where To Buy It From

You have three options when it comes to buying your new sports car. You can purchase it from the main dealership, used car dealers, or a private seller. Be aware, buying from a private seller means you don’t have any rights to return it or get your money back if it all goes wrong. Used car dealers are generally cheaper as they have been previously owned by other people. If you are not fussed about having a brand-new car then this is a wonderful way to save a bit of money.

Find A Garage

Now you own your beautiful sports car you will need to find a garage that will look after it if anything needs repairing or looking into. A lot of garages won’t touch sports cars as you need to have experience and knowledge of these types of cars. There are specialist garages for people who own luxury sports cars. A quick internet search will give you your best options, make sure you research before handing your beloved wheels over to them.

Store It Correctly

When you own a sports car you will want to look after it properly. This means storing it correctly and keeping it in good condition. When you are not using your car, think about where you will be storing it. If you keep it parked on the street outside your home, be aware that your insurance premiums will be higher. If you store it in a private garage at your home then this is better all around.

Get It Insured

Speaking of insurance, you will need to purchase this in order to drive your new car around. Check out the best rates using comparison sites or go by recommendations from friends or family members. If you have another car then your current insurance provider may offer a multi-car discount.

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you lots of insight into owning a sports car. This car will be the best thing you have ever owned and you will enjoy feeling the wind through your car cruising down the motorway. Make sure you look after your precious sports car and it will bring you many happy years behind the wheel.



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 Oui je t’aime Pari, a Bonjour from me in Paris for Couture Fashion Week, it’s my first time during the shows in the city so excited to see how it compares to London. It’s all about the morning cuisine and nothing does it better than starting your day with fancy coffee and croissants and who can forget the fois gras so you feel right at home in Paris. The last time I was here it was for a Christmas shopping trip for a long weekend break, but this time Fashion Week is a real treat for me.


I have arrived yesterday in Paris ready for the Rani Zakhem Couture show today! The plane journey from London Gatwick to Charles de Gaulle Airport was a short flight and you know Paris was even more beautiful once you get there, If you ever get to visit in Summer, there is so much culture to immerse yourself in the Parisian Chic vibes of this cosmopolitan city. All dressed up in a smart casual outfit I made my way to the shows of Paris Couture Fashion Week with an UBERX Luxury Car courtesy of the UBER Taxi App in France.

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App


Day Two of the 2nd  leg at Paris Fashion Week started with 28 degrees Fahrenheit, that remind’s me it’s almost time for my UBER X car pick up soon.

My outfit was all about smart casual separates, statement sunglasses, comfortable suede footwear and leather jacket.

Please, take a moment and admire my favourite designer shades “Parisian Chic” – we all have our go to brands for effortless style

The day ended with a sumptuous lunch at The Peninsula Hotel on George V and the finest French Taittinger Champagne on the hotels roof top bar to Celebrate PFW

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App


Next day my fashion week I caught up with my fellow Fashion Entourage for dinner at The Legendary Buddha Bar Paris followed by cocktail party. We all manage to coordinate for a smart monochrome look!

Arrived in Style with UBER X with a view of the Eifel Tower this evening on the way, I was wearing a full black and white look with minimal sleek details from DKNY and Ralph Lauren for the evening Fashion Week Event.

Uber Taxi App

Uber Taxi App

I hope you guys enjoyed my Parisian Fashion Week Experience of the Shows and Lookbook

Ciao, See you again next season

J xo

Editorial Disclaimer: As always all opinions will be my own I would never promote something i had not experienced myself as I always give honest feedback on a product or service regardless of who fits the bill. A huge special Thanks to UBER Taxi App France for sponsoring my rides during Couture Fashion Week Paris #AD




A while ago now I took a Day Trip to Hertfordshire outside of London to Welwyn Garden City to visit Country Estate Brocket Hall to see the P1 International Supper Car Club for their luxury Car Show. One weekend me and friend decided to head out of London and explore the home counties as well as look at some of the cool sports cars on show at the event we attended.

One Saturday morning we got the train from Kings Cross to Hertfordhire which was about a 40 minute journey to the event and we managed to arrive just before lunch time and make the day of it exploring the scenic views within the Brocket Hall Estate during the car show.

So, here’s a bit about the car show – P1 International is The Worlds First and Leading Supercar Club founded in 2001 by founder and CEO Michael Breen, P1 pioneered the concept of a private members club offering share access to a fleet of supercars  defining the luxury car rental market. P1 have seventeen years experience in refining the concept as well as continuing to offer it’s discerning members an unrivalled experience with access to a stable of the finest and fatest supercars from Ferrari to Maserati and more.


Sitting inside a Ferrari Sports Car

Maserati Car at the P1 Super Car Club Show at Brocket Hall

P1 International is The Worlds First and Leading Supercar Club.

So, here’s what you get. In return for annual membership the club takes care of the cost of depreciation, insurance, servicing and maintenance, leaving the members free to enjoy the cars and the club without the inconvenience and cost of ownership.

Just being here at Brocket Hall in the presence of the magnificent super sports cars reminded me of watching TopGear on television but in reality I got to actually sit inside my dream bucket list of sports car and admire their interiors but at the same time appreciate fine craftsmanship of their engines and aesthetics for real.

We enjoyed a lovely Champagne reception and canapés in the most elegant surroundings of a beautiful Country Estate

Upon arrival to Brocket Hall we enjoyed a lovely Champagne reception and canapés in the most elegant surroundings of beautiful country estate that’s named after the Brocket Family through many generations. So just thought I’d mention a bit of history about the building’s lavish Estate and Acres of land which host a golf course driving range too if you love spot of golf just like me.


The best part of it was driving around the grounds in a golf cart so we could admire the scenery surrounding the estate which was a lot of fun in the sunshine late afternoon before making our way back to London.

Visit England’s Finest Golf, Dining & Residential Country Estate.

It was such a thrill  to find out more about the luxury super car rental market and even more so explore the range of Super Cars from Vintage Classics to Modern and Contemporary motor cars and see how the other half live. A day out like this to experience real luxury at it’s finest had to be the highlight of my visit upon visiting Brocket Hall Country Estate.

To find out more about P1 International Super Car Club and Brocket Hall you can visit their website and social media handles below


P1 International Super Club


Brocket Hall


Disclaimer: My Day Trip to Brocket Hall to attend the P1 Super Car Club was gifted to me by a friend through personal invitation. As always all opinions expressed will be my own and I only promote and review brands which I am interested in that focus on Men’s Lifestyle and Luxury market.