Have a collaboration idea in mind or new opportunities that you want to run by us please contact me using the online form
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    Please note that all General Inquiries sent to me personally via email there maybe some instances where I am unable to get back to every request. But if I feel this is something of interest and in line with my Editorial Policy I will get back to you with a prompt reply. Thank you for your patience and appreciate your interest
    The Joey Journal is currently seeking partnership opportunities, FAM / Press Trips and Lifestyle sample offers for review which I have approved in writing before posting live content on my site
    Of particular interest are Press trip Invites for 2021, as I have a fairly open schedule in spring and autumn. We’ll prioritise any invite that includes our Bucket Wish List The Mediterranean, South East Asia, South Pacific and the Caribbean.
    I am open to all offers and ideas – stays must be 3-4 nights max and please bear in mind I do not ever travel alone as it helps to have an extra pair of hands to accompany me while on trips to create content makes life easier.
    As the holiday season draws to a close, are accepting off-season review visits to hotels, resorts and more for the season ahead.
    Below is our editorial policy as well as guidance on samples that tend to have the best chance getting coverage on this site. You are welcome to pitch story ideas using the form below.
    Contributors and Photographers: At this time, I am not seeking editorial pitches to write or photograph for us
    Event Invitations and Dressing Request can be sent using the contact form and I’ll get back to you Asap




    Some of the posts on this site are sponsored for or use affiliate marketing. THE JOEY JOURNAL only promote products and services that would be of interest to us. Accounting for the occasional gifting  means I need a little help on choosing a selection of amazing products to review. That’s where samples come in: PR firms and Brands often send a pitch, and if it intrigues me or fits within our editorial guidelines, I kindly accept gifting from time to time.
    I am also pro-active in approaching Brands, DMC’s and PR Agency firms with collaborations requests tied to a specific theme we want to publish.



    Many Thanks!