Here's My Practical Guide to Travelling without an Itinerary enables you to create a more Authentic Travel Experience by getting to know a brand new culture

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Vacations are wonderful; luxury vacations are especially wonderful. But one thing that might not always be wonderful is having a strict schedule that you sometimes have to go by. Waking up at 7 am, having breakfast by 8 am, heading out of the hotel by 8:30 am, time slots of museums, etc. Chances are high that in daily life, there’s so much structure that you need to already abide by, right? Besides, where’s the adventure in something like that?


Does it really even help having to deal with this outside of daily life, too? Why not, instead, just try out a trip where you just go with the flow? Yes, a trip where it’s more of a “let’s see how this goes and where it takes me.” this no-itinerary trip can honestly be enchanting, mostly due to the fact that there is just really too much stress involved. So, with that said, here’s exactly why you should try it out at least once in your lifetime!

You’ll Be Embracing Spontaneity 

A no-itinerary trip is the epitome of spontaneity. Just by relinquishing control over every aspect of your journey, you open yourself up to the thrill of the unknown. Honestly, that’s the entire point of these! So, why not be open to the serendipitous moments that will be thrown at you? There might even be some chance encounters and, of course, some unexpected discoveries that just might become the stars of your adventure, leading to a sense of excitement and wonder that a rigid itinerary can never replicate.

This technically doesn’t really need to be hard to achieve, even if you are doing a road trip such as a motorcycle holiday. It’s basically as simple as either booking hotels and just going around and last minute booking something (very old-fashioned, so do it out of season). But yes, you’ll be spontaneous the entire time, and you’ll never really know what the next day will bring, which is the beauty of doing this! During this trip, life will literally be like a box of chocolate because you’ll never know what you’ll get (and who doesn’t love the idea of this?). 

You’re Esapcing the Dulls of Having a Routine

It was basically mentioned earlier, but it really deserves more attention. Vacation is meant to be an escape from life, but is it really if you’re planning every second of the day? Routines and schedules often bind life, and vacations should be an escape from this daily grind- remember this! 

So, a no-itinerary trip is going to be what allows you to break free from the constraints of time and obligations, enabling you to live in the moment and make decisions based on your immediate desires and whims. The liberation from a predetermined plan fosters a sense of freedom that can be truly invigorating. You seriously need to live a little, and vacations are usually where that’s meant to happen. Go outside the norms; just break free!

Better for Discovering Hidden Gems

So, one thing you really need to keep in mind is the fact that you’re not really going to experience any hidden gems if you’re going on a strict schedule; it’s essentially not realistic. As you can probably expect, pre-planned itineraries often revolve around well-trodden tourist paths. In general, a no-itinerary trip encourages exploration off the beaten track, leading you to discover hidden gems and lesser-known wonders that may not be found in guidebooks. 


Whether it’s stumbling upon a charming local cafe or uncovering a breathtaking viewpoint, the absence of a set plan allows for genuine and unexpected discoveries. For the most part, the only way you could see hidden gems and have a schedule would be some sort of special tour from a local; that’s about it. 

Ideal for Adaptability 

You probably already knew this (like everyone else), but life is unpredictable; it’s as simple as that. And a no-itinerary trip teaches you to embrace uncertainty and be adaptable. It can help with the whole “rolling with the punches” attitude because you’re having to deal with the unforeseen, even if it’s far from ideal. 

So, you have to keep in mind that navigating unforeseen challenges becomes an integral part of the adventure, fostering resilience and resourcefulness. It helps with the whole “if there’s a will, there’s a way” mentality because you can easily find alternatives or make the best out of a situation. These skills can prove invaluable not only during your journey but also in your everyday life. While not everything goes perfectly during planned vacations, for the most part, it’s just easier to manage when you don’t have any plans. It basically means little to no room for actual disappointment. 

You’ll Be Connecting with Locals on a Deeper Level

When a strict schedule does not bind you, you have the time and freedom to engage with the local community on a more profound level. Just think about it for a moment; spontaneous conversations, impromptu invitations, and shared experiences with locals can provide insights into the true essence of a destination, enriching your travel experience in ways a planned itinerary might miss. Meeting locals and getting to engage with them is usually one of the best things about a trip; they’re the ones who will truly help you remember what made the trip so special! 

Reconnect with Yourself 

When people try to do some soul-searching, they’ll usually just do this by taking a trip. But you don’t really get to know yourself if you’re following something accordingly. In the absence of a fixed plan, you have the space to reconnect with yourself. Whether you choose to spend a day leisurely reading in a park, reflecting by the ocean, or simply wandering without purpose, a no-itinerary trip allows for moments of self-discovery and introspection that are often elusive in the fast-paced rhythm of daily life.

Is it Worth It?

At the end of the day, a no-itinerary trip is not just a vacation; it’s a journey into the unknown that can reshape your perspective on travel and life. There are honestly so many compelling reasons to try a no-itinerary trip at least once in your life, far more than what was listed above. So, pack your bags, leave the detailed plans behind, and let the adventure unfold—one uncharted moment at a time.


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Welcome to 2024! You’ve successfully navigated the rollercoaster that was 2023 and enjoyed a New Year’s Eve party along with everybody else, but now it’s time to celebrate with your closest friends and family. So let’s plan a Start of 2024 party that’s guaranteed to be a blast – with a bit less drama than the New Year’s Eve fiasco. So, in this blog post we’ll help you ensure that this year’s party anecdotes are ones you’ll proudly recount, rather than hastily bury in the depths of your memory.


The Invites: Who’s Really In Your 2024 Crew?

First things first, who’s making the cut this year? Remember, quality over quantity. You want a group that can dance badly together in the rain, laugh at each other’s jokes without the eyes of others, and won’t judge your ‘unique’ playlist choices that the rest refuse to listen to. Digital invites are a must in 2024 (eco-friendly options to all aspects of life are what you want this year) – they’re quick, easy, and won’t get lost in the post, or used as an emergency coaster. Personalised digital invites not only makes each guest feel special but also builds anticipation for the epic night ahead.


Setting The Scene: Atmosphere Is Everything

Location, location, location! Your living room? A rented space? A friend’s garden? Wherever it is, make sure it screams ‘2024, we are coming for you!’ Decorations don’t need to be over the top. A few strategically placed balloons and a balloon arch, some mood lighting – fairy lights never disappoint, and maybe a homemade banner or two should do the trick. Consider a theme that reflects the optimism and excitement of a fresh beginning the new year brings with it. Maybe something futuristic or a callback to a great moment from the past year, tying in memories and hopes together.


Tunes To Groove To: Because Silence Is Awkward

No party is complete without a classic 2024 playlist. Mix in some of the top hits from 2023, some of the newest up-and-coming artists of 2024, a few classic party tunes, and maybe even a few guilty pleasures from the past. A tip: allow guests to contribute a song or two to the playlist in advance. This way, everyone gets a moment of DJ glory when their track plays, adding a personal touch to the dance floor, and this way, you’ll be sure that people will actually dance the night away with you. 


Munchies And Sips: Feed The Fun

You don’t need to be a Michelin-star chef to impress. Simple finger foods and some crowd-pleasing snacks will keep everyone from gnawing your ear off with random and weird chats. For drinks, stock up on basics and maybe throw in this perfect martini recipe for a twist of sophistication – it’s subtle, cultured, and might just make people forget about your infamous ‘New Year’s Eve incident’. Also, don’t forget non-alcoholic options, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Maybe create a signature mocktail for the night – it’s all about inclusive fun!


Entertainment: Beyond Small Talk

Plan some activities to break the ice and keep the energy high. How about a 2023 trivia game? Or a 2024 predictions jar where everyone can drop their wildest guesses for what crazy things will happen this year? Remember, the goal is to have fun with friends and family before jumping headfirst into the year ahead! Maybe even include a silly award ceremony, with quirky categories like ‘Best Dance Moves’ or ‘Most Likely to Break a New Year’s Resolution Within the First Two Weeks’. It’s a playful way to engage everyone and create memorable moments.


The Morning After: Surviving The Aftermath

No one likes cleaning up, but think of all the wonderful memories you made during this second New Year celebration. And a little tip: hide disposable cameras around the party venue. The morning after, while nursing that ‘totally worth it’ headache, you can reminisce over the photographic evidence of the night’s shenanigans. And don’t forget to hydrate and have some easy and greasy breakfast options ready to help you feel better while you’re busy. A little forethought can make the morning after a lot more pleasant.


A Final Word: Just Enjoy It

The most important thing of all? Have fun. It’s the start of a brand new year, and this party is just the beginning of all the wonderful memories to come (even though it isn’t technically the first celebration party for the new year). Laugh a lot, dance even more, and make memories that’ll set the tone for a fantastic 2024. And remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about the joy and togetherness you create. 


How To Plan A Christmas Party: The Joey Journal Checklist

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It’s never too late to kick off your Christmas party celebrations since the yuletide season isn’t over yet. This year will see an increase in parties at home, as recent studies show that visits to pubs and restaurants will fall by 4.5%, no thanks to the current cost of living. So, more people will prefer to turn their homes into party zones, even on short notice. Understandably, hosting a last-minute Christmas party can sound very stressful, as you don’t have enough time to prepare. But “stressful” does not mean impossible. The following tips can help you pull off a great Christmas party with little time.  

Stay calm

Almost every party expert will advise planning early to give yourself enough preparation time, but that’s almost impossible at the last minute. Yet, don’t let this small window you have for planning be the reason you pull your hair out. Instead, calm yourself and think through the things you need to do right away. The calmer and more collected you are, the better you’ll be able to organise your thoughts and decide how to go about things. Allowing yourself to worry too much will only waste time, and you might end up bailing on an opportunity to host the party. 

Pick a convenient date for everyone

Choose a date and time that will work for everyone without going back and forth on making changes. Instead of using emails, reach out ot the attendees by calling them directly on their phones so you can get quick responses. Instant chats and internet calls can also do the trick, but since not everyone replies instantly to chats, try calling first. Ideally, a weekday evening will be best for a last-minute party, as most people will have their weekends already packed, especially during the festive season. So, pick a weekday evening and call the attendees to find out how suitable it is for them. 

Order all your drinks from one location

The last thing you want to do is run around from store to store buying drinks. Instead, order all of them from one place where possible. For example, if your guests prefer liquor or spirits, look for a store (whether online or brick-and-mortar) that offers various types, whether it’s tequila, liqueur, or bacanora. But double-check how long the delivery will take before ordering online. Use the same principle for juices, wine, and champagne. You can even find stores that sell different types of drinks, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic. One huge advantage of ordering from one place is that you might enjoy some discounts. 

Let a party service handle the food

Good food is at the heart of any party. Unfortunately, good food can also take a lot of time to make, especially when you’re expecting quite a turn-up. One of the most convenient ways to wash your hands off this demanding responsibility is to order from a party service. Most restaurants and food businesses offer special menus for parties and large gatherings usually at lesser costs per person. Alternatively, you can ask your attendees to prepare their preferred dishes and bring them along. That’s like killing two birds with one stone – they’ll have the dishes they want, and you’ll ease the pressure on yourself. But if you still want to make something on your own, consider the next tip. 


Go for simple recipes 

This point should sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Go for simple but delicious recipes to save you time and effort if you want to handle the cooking by yourself. Also, don’t worry; your guests will probably understand, especially when they know you planned everything on short notice. Often, there’s a huge burden to impress guests with the food choices, forcing many party hosts to try exotic and complicated recipes. But don’t put yourself under such pressure. Plus, there are several easy-to-make dishes you can try that your guests will love and will take no time at all to make. You can also ask friends and family to help a little with the cooking to save time. 

Plan for entertainment

The food might be good, but people expect to have fun when they attend a Christmas party, so plan for entertainment as well. Again, you want to keep things simple without losing the fun factor. Consider adding some games to the party experience. Whether it’s card games, board games, charades, or karaoke, think of games everyone will love and be willing to participate in. If you’re short on ideas, consider sorting opinions from your list of invitees. The more games you can add, the better, as that will keep your attendees occupied and prevent boredom. You can also consider hiring entertainers, but look for those who can be available on short notice.



Debunking Some Common Famous Landmark Myths

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Top 5 World Famous Landmarks

The world is full of amazing places to visit, but almost all of them have common misconceptions and downright lies. Famous landmark myths sort of come with the territory as people embellish things over the centuries. Here, you will find some as astounding as the actual places.


It Takes a Week to Tour Uluru

Uluru is a large rock, but it also isn’t the biggest. Touring the rock is very popular, and you can spend some time taking in breathtaking sunsets and even riding camels. There are many myths about Uluru, and one of the biggest is that you need to spend a week touring it. It does not take a week to get to Uluru. For instance, Alice Springs to Uluru tours in 2023 are very popular, and travel to the rock is done on well-maintained roads that take between 1 and 3 days.

The Monarchs of England Live at Buckingham Palace

This is one of the biggest myths about a landmark that most people assume is true. The reigning monarch of England sits among the most powerful people in the world. And since 1703, Buckingham Palace has been the seat of that power. However, the king or queen does not live there, and the palace is more like an office. It receives other visiting monarchs and dignitaries. Although Queen Elizabeth II did enjoy more than her fair share of afternoon tea there.

Famous Landmark Myths About Big Ben

What is Big Ben? Before you answer, it is not the massive clock tower in London. That’s Queen Elizabeth Tower. Big Ben is actually the bell inside that can be heard all over London. It also has a unique sound because it is cracked. There are also some strange occurrences that happened to the royal family at times when the bell apparently struck 13 times at midnight. To this day, the superstition is held that 13 strikes mean impending doom and disaster for the royal family. 

The Druids Built Stonehenge

Given its design and the belief that it was made for ritual purposes, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Druids built Stonehenge. However, the most recent and most accurate dating methods place the building of one of the world’s most remarkable structures at 1600 BC, while the Druids weren’t around until much later in the third century BCE. To this day, no one really knows who built Stonehenge, and the reasons why are even more shrouded in mystery.

Only China’s Great Wall is Visible from Space

The Great Wall of China is a remarkable feat of engineering and shows what humans can do. And given its sheer size, it is only natural to think it can be seen from space. However, unfortunately, China’s own astronaut Yang Liwei stated he couldn’t see it at all. Clouds, foliage, and distance obscure the view of almost everything when in space. But some astronauts have stated that they can make out some things, such as long runways and farm irrigation ditches.


There are countless famous landmark myths focused on remarkable man-made things all over the world. Some of the most common myths about landmarks are that it takes a week to tour Uluru, that Big Ben is a clock, and that you can see the Great Wall of China from space. 


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If you’ve decided it’s time for a change and you’re ready to part ways with your car, it is important to prepare for what’s coming next. Selling a used car isn’t as simple as just placing an advertisement online, and it will require some negotiation skills and knowledge of the market. 

However, the good news is that with the right strategies, any seller can navigate this process successfully. In this blog post, we’ll look at the tips, tricks, and steps you need to know about to complete a successful sale and maximise the value of your asset.

Understanding Your Car’s Worth: Setting a Realistic Price

The first aspect to focus on is setting the right budget. When it comes down to selling a used car, it is important to look at its current conditions and market demand, but you should also understand the impact of depreciation. 

Generally, if you have bought your car new, it is likely to lose up to 60% of its market value within 3 years of driving it. However, after the 3-year mark, the rate of depreciation will considerably slow down. Ultimately, choosing the right time to sell your car is essential to make the most of your finances. If you are unsure about making the right choice, be sure to partner with an expert or use a depreciation calculator. 

Preparing Your Car for Sale

Next up, you’ll need to get your car ready for sale. Although a lot of this step depends on your own goals, it is important to keep in mind that you can maximise your sales by keeping up with all regular maintenance. 

Checking the tires, brakes, oil, filter, and fluids is an easy and affordable way to make sure that you are getting your car ready for the sale. This will also provide a better service to potential buyers, and ensure that they can get on the road safely from the get-go. 

Making Your Car Attractive to Potential Buyers

Aside from keeping up with basic maintenance tasks, you should also strive to make your car more attractive to buyers. To do so, start by cleaning your car’s interiors and exteriors, taking care of leather parts, and polishing the dashboard and windows. Additionally, you can improve your chances to complete a sale by fixing any minor flaws such as removing dents and bumps. Learn more about this step here: https://stormdents.co.uk/dent-removal-essex/.

Gather All Necessary Documents for a Smooth Transaction 

Before you start advertising your car as for sale, ensure you gather all necessary documents for a smooth transaction. This includes your car’s title which proves you own the vehicle. Additionally, if we consider a prospective buyer’s needs, they may want to see maintenance records so keeping those handy is a good idea.

Choose Reliable Marketplaces or Work With a Dealer 

The next step is deciding how you’ll sell your car. One option is to advertise your car on reliable used car marketplaces, like Autotrader, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace. Alternatively, you may consider working with a specialized dealer who can take care of the bureaucracy and paperwork involved with selling a car for you. 

Refining Your Negotiation Tactics

Brushing up on your negotiation skills is crucial when you’re selling your car. Remember, your goal is securing the best possible price without alienating potential buyers. Learn to listen more and understand what the prospective buyer wants, this way, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch to suit their needs and goals.

Upgrading Your Car: Start Here 

Now that you’ve sold your car, it is time to start looking into a vehicle to upgrade your previous one. For this step, you may start to build up your education and find guides on how to buy a car when you know little about this process. 


Should I buy a boat right now, as Summer is the perfect time to explore the UK's waterways and even hire a Boat charter for the Day

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Many people dream about owning a boat at least once in their life. While you may think that it is an unrealistic or impractical solution, it’s more accessible than you think.

Furthermore, there are many reasons why boating will improve your quality of life and become a great investment. Here are just five you need to know.

Boating is great way to make you fitter

There are many ways to potentially improve your fitness, from gym workouts to playing team sports. However, boating is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable ways to get fitter without overexertion. Better still, it won’t even feel like a workout as your mind will be focused on the fun. Adjusting sails, lifting anchors, and navigating the water on your vessel will work several muscle groups. Crucially, they are muscles that you probably don’t use as often as you’d like in daily life.

If you plan to get on the water with water sports too, this will take the results to greater heights.

The sea air is great for you

In addition to making you physically fitter, boating is great for your general health. Time spent at sea with the fresh air is a welcome break from the pollution of city life. As well as supporting your respiratory health, the calmness of the waters will deliver peace of mind. Furthermore, a day at sea is likely to help you sleep better at night, which will naturally deliver a plethora of benefits. In truth, this is one of the hidden rewards of boating that encourages frequent trips.

Boating is truly great for the mind, body, and soul. If you’re keen to adopt a healthier lifestyle, buying a boat will serve you well.

reasons to buy a boat


Boats are cheaper than you think

While many people love the thought of boat ownership, many resist the urge due to perceived costs. While they do depreciate by around 20% in the first five years, half of that comes from year one. Buying a boat that’s two years old, for example, will overcome this issue. Moreover, dry stack boat storage is an affordable way to reduce your maintenance needs. This is because you’ll protect the asset from weather damage. In turn, you can get years of enjoyment from it without losing big money.

Compared to other luxuries, the financial aspects of boat ownership are actually quite pleasing.

The social elements are amazing

Nothing in this life is more important than doing things you like with the people you love. When you have a boat, there will never be a shortage of adventures. A day spent with friends and family exploring the waters will bring magical moments. Whether it’s fishing, water sports, or just cruising the sea doesn’t matter. These are the memories that you will treasure for life, which makes boating the best hobby in the world. The activities are unique compared to anything you can do on land too.

Furthermore, there will be opportunities to join the thriving boating community. This can develop new friendships for life.


You’ll regret not doing it

 Finally, you don’t want to look back and think “if only”. If buying a boat has been a dream of yours, now is the time to do it.