Terms and Conditions for Accepting and Publishing Sponsored Blog or Social Post / Content Creation such as;

Payment shall be charged at the amount 50% fee of total invoice if any agreed work is cancelled by the brand or client;


All the content featured on my blog is produced and owned by myself and I do not accept guest post on my website as I prefer to write all the content so it’s personal to me and original. My friends help generate some of the outfit post as well as the majority of the content is created by me. You may use my images only for your personal use but make sure you remember to always credit me and link back to my site.


As a blogger you will sometimes be gifted products from companies which are the best part about being a fashion blogger. With regards to gifting from brands sent to me I prefer to only accept these items by personal choice even before considering promoting it on my website. This includes any dressing opportunities I have agreed to via email before creating a blog post. I strongly feel, it’s important to have a personal connection with the brand so I’m certain it’s something I would purchase for myself and use. Therefore I can be sure to share my honest opinion and positive experiences with my readers.


Within my blog post I often use affiliate marketing links to gain a small amount of commission when linking to products. You will find with most bloggers they will link their post to the actual products they have mentioned or something similar as a point of reference for my readers.


When companies send me products I accept sponsored post on my site as paid content which must be personally written by myself to ensure it’s always original.

The price for sponsored post depends on the amount of work and social media input depending on the requirements so please contact me for my rate card.


I am a London based Fashion Blogger and Freelance Contributing Writer and kindly accept all invitations at your request and this includes events abroad in the past as far as New York is overwhelming and exciting experience for travel. It’s greatly appreciated so please contact me for collaboration opportunities and any brand dressing request. [email protected]


From time to time I receive lovely items of clothing and accessories complimentary by brands. I found from experience it takes time to produce these outfit post and the lead time may take slightly longer so can appreciate if clients understand. I will try and get the post live as soon as possible upon receiving the products. [email protected]


I’m very excited about fashion tech gadgets and lifestyle products and happy to accept these to feature on my blog as long as they reflect my personal style.


If you are keen to collaborate with me and for more information including my rate card I’d be very delighted to hear from you. There are different types of post options available as my prices may differ according to your requirements. I will do my best to answer your inquiries in a timely manner as you can appreciate at times there are busy periods when I receive emails per day. It may take me a few days to get back to you and appreciate your patience and interest.