Understanding your fragrance preferences is essential in narrowing down your choices. Discover whether you are floral, citrus, fresh or woody to determine ones that you think you like, and then testing them before buying...

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Navigating the olfactory world of tester fragrances is fundamental in the quest to uncover one’s quintessential scent. The essence of perfume sampling lies in creating the right conditions, free from intrusive aromas, which might distort the fragrance’s true character.

For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, an introduction to fragrance samples sets the stage for a fascinating journey into understanding different scents and how they interact with individual chemistry. One must approach this process with a few fragrances at a time, employing patience to fully appreciate each scent’s evolving profile.

How to test perfume

Understanding Different Fragrance Concentrations

In the world of tester fragrances, understanding the olfactory pyramid is crucial. It consists of:

  • Top Notes: These are the initial scents that hit the nose immediately upon application but evaporate quickly.
  • Heart Notes: The middle notes become apparent as the top notes dissipate. They are typically well-rounded and can include floral or fruity scents.
  • Base Notes: These form the foundation of the fragrance and linger the longest, creating lasting memories of the scent.

Fragrance concentrations vary across different types of perfumes, which affects their longevity and cost:

  • Parfum (20-30% concentration): Offers the longest-lasting experience, typically six to eight hours, and tends to be the most expensive.
  • Eau de Parfum (15-20%): Lasts around four to five hours and is less costly than Parfum.
  • Eau de Toilette (5-15%): Usually lasts two to three hours, often preferred for daywear.
  • Eau de Cologne (2-4%): Has a shorter effect, up to two hours, and is more affordable.
  • Eau Fraîche (1-3%): Mostly water, with very short-lasting power.

It’s important to note that higher concentrations generally result in longer-lasting scents and higher prices. Additionally, different concentrations may present varying notes; hence, it’s beneficial to explore a fragrance in all its available concentrations to find the one that resonates best with you.

Other fragrance options include:

  • Perfume Oils: These are pure oil-based and do not contain alcohol or water.
  • Attars: Pure undiluted versions of Eau de Parfum, concentrated and long-lasting.
  • Solid Perfumes: Convenient for travel, alcohol-free.
  • Hair Mists: Often contain little to no alcohol and ingredients that nourish the hair.

Remember, the combination of top, heart, and base notes, along with the nature of the ingredients and the presence of fixatives, can greatly influence a perfume’s longevity.

Testing Perfume Using Blotters

Testing perfume using blotters is an essential first step in the fragrance selection process. It provides a preliminary way to evaluate the scent without the influence of your skin’s unique chemistry. Here’s how to effectively use blotters for this purpose:

  • Prepare the Blotter:
    • Use the wider part of the blotter for handling and noting the fragrance’s name.
    • Dip the narrow end into the essential oil bottle or spray the perfume onto this section.
  • Evaluating the Scent:
    • Hold the blotter at least an inch away from your nose to prevent overwhelming your sense of smell.
    • Inhale gently, allowing short bursts of the scent to reach you, and then move the blotter away.
    • Identify the top notes immediately, the heart notes after around a minute, and the base notes as they develop over time.
  • Testing Environment and Process:
    • Ensure you are in a neutral-smelling environment to avoid interference with the fragrance.
    • Spray two to three quick sprays of the perfume into the air in a downward motion, creating a cloud.
    • Pass the blotter through the cloud, then wave it under your nose, maintaining a distance of an inch or two.
    • Avoid testing more than three fragrances per day to prevent olfactory fatigue and use coffee beans or fine peppers as palate cleansers between scents.

Remember, each oil can contain hundreds of constituents, providing a complex fragrance experience. Blotters are also invaluable for those looking to blend fragrances and create custom scents. By using blotters to test fragrances, you can narrow down your choices before deciding which ones to test on your skin for a true representation of the scent as it interacts with your body chemistry.

You can find out more here.

How to test perfume

Skin Test for a True Scent Profile

Understanding the complex nature of fragrance and its interaction with skin is vital for a true scent profile. The skin’s chemistry, including factors such as pH, micro-flora, and even the presence of beauty products, can alter a perfume’s character, making a skin test imperative:

  • Preparation for Skin Testing:
    • Ensure the skin is clean and free from other fragrances or strongly scented lotions.
    • Choose a time in the morning for testing, as the sense of smell is more acute.
    • Opt for warmer months, if possible, to benefit from heightened fragrance perception.
  • Application and Observation:
    • Apply the perfume to pulse points, such as wrists, behind earlobes, and the base of the neck.
    • Avoid rubbing the applied areas together to preserve the integrity of the fragrance notes.
    • Wait a few minutes to allow the scent to meld with your skin, unveiling the heart and base notes.
  • Assessment and Decision:
    • Note the longevity and projection by observing how the scent evolves over several hours.
    • Consider personal preference and emotional response alongside the technical performance of the fragrance.
    • Remember that oilier skin types may retain the scent longer than dry skin types, affecting your experience.

By following these steps, individuals can gain a comprehensive understanding of how a fragrance interacts with their unique skin chemistry and make an informed decision on its suitability for regular wear.

Living with the Fragrance

When integrating tester fragrances into daily life, it’s crucial to consider not just the initial allure of a fragrance but also how it lives with you throughout the day. Here are practical tips to ensure that a perfume not only smells good but also aligns with your lifestyle and lasts as long as you need it to:

  • Buying and Testing Tips:
    • Align with your values: Choose brands that reflect your personal ethos.
    • Skin test: Apply perfume to clean skin and avoid mixing with other scented products.
    • Scent trajectory: Spray lower on the body to allow the fragrance to rise.
    • Sample first: Obtain a small sample or purchase a tester to wear the fragrance over time.
    • Testing limit: Try no more than three fragrances at once to avoid confusion and olfactory fatigue.
    • Morning shopping: Your sense of smell is sharper in the morning, making it the best time to shop for perfume.
    • Expert advice: Consult with a fragrance expert for recommendations on similar scents.
  • Storage and Longevity:
    • Proper storage: Keep perfumes in their original box, upright, and tightly sealed, in a cool, dark place.
    • Gift sets: Inquire about gift sets or purchase offers that may provide better value and storage options.
  • Evaluating Longevity:
    • Post-shower application: Apply perfume after showering on the inner elbow and monitor how long the scent lasts.
    • Influencing factors: Take note of the impact of shower gels and body lotions on the perfume’s longevity.
    • Third-party opinion: Seek someone else’s perspective to avoid misjudgment due to nose fatigue.
    • Personal assessment: Record your observations on how the fragrance develops during the day.

By following these guidelines, individuals can make informed decisions about the fragrances they choose to wear, ensuring they select a scent that not only appeals to them but also complements their natural chemistry and lifestyle.


Throughout this exploration into the captivating realm of tester fragrances, we’ve delved into the importance of understanding scent concentrations, the artistry behind testing on blotters, and, ultimately, the significance of skin testing for a true personal scent profile. By adopting the insights and techniques shared, fragrance aficionados can enhance their knowledge and approach to selecting a perfume that resonates with their unique identity and lifestyle.

As we wrap up, remember that the journey to discovering your signature scent is as individual as you are, and it requires patience, curiosity, and a bit of experimentation. Trust your nose, be mindful of the complex dance between fragrance and skin, and embrace the continuous discovery of the scents that best express who you are.


Take on the City and let fragrance become your ultimate accessory with Thomson Carter, elevating luxury, one bottle at a time

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Struggling to choose the perfect scent for every occasion? With Thomson Carter Discovery Set, you can carry three of your favourite fragrances wherever you go.  Light weight, compact and effective to make a long lasting impression, just because first impressions count.

When planning your next vacation, where to go next is the first thing that comes to mind which is why Thomson Carter Discovery Set bottles fit perfectly in your travel bag, so your signature scent can join you no matter where the destination.

No elegance is possible without fragrance, even more reason to add Thomson Carter to your daily essentials to live in luxury every day. Redefining luxury and bottling perfection. Thompson Carter is proudly crafted in the United Kingdom has launched seven luxury fragrances with discerning elegance in every scent. I’ll never forget my recent opulent unboxing experience, including an exclusive Thompson Carter tote bag and jewellery cushion.

top 10 men's fragrance 2023

Indulge your senses in the exclusive world of Thomson Carter, where even the unboxing is a moment of pure luxurious decadence. Shelby Lane by Thomson Carter is a fragrance that resonates with strength and sophistication in notes of Vetiver, Sandalwood and Dark Musk to create a scent that’s bold captivating and echoes confidence.

For me, the perfect fragrance for a seamless transition from day to night that’s guaranteed to add a touch of mystique to your presence is an intoxicating unisex scent Red Room an enticing blend of seductive notes. Let Red Room by Thomson Carter ignite your senses with its fiery infusion of Citrus, Lavender and Musk leaving an unforgettable impression wherever you go. Step into a world of opulence and desire where Red Room is the ideal fragrance to accompany you after dark. I’ll tell you why this is my favourite just because the vibrant citrus notes, delicate lavender and seductive musk create an irresistible aura of sensuality.

Once you try Thomson Carter London, you will admire and appreciate the true precision and meticulous craftmanship, infused into every step of the process to curate each individual scent that’s unique with passion. Crafted with precision and poured with care, let Thomson Carter take you on a journey to ignite your senses where luxury meets artistry on a whole new level. Behind closed doors, the luxury fragrance artisans of Thomson Carter work tirelessly, perfecting each scent ensuring a traditional experience. I felt each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen, meticulously tested and skilfully blended to perfection creating sensory masterpieces.

Unleash the invigorating essence of Bois De Santal by Thomson Carter with a harmonious blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and Bergamot is my favourite too. This unisex fragrance embodies sheer freshness and luxury with a touch of sophistication that will garner centre stage amongst your selfcare grooming routine. A warm embrace ‘Bois De Santal is like a breath of fresh air, awakening your senses with every spritz. The verdict, a versatile choice for anyone searching for a captivating and long-wearing scent.

The Thomson Carter Discovery Scent Box is the perfect way to grow your fragrance collection and with these elegant discerning scents you can’t stop at just one. You will find with each scent telling a different story and watch your scent library grow. You can choose to try out the fragrances that speak to you with a Discovery Set the perfect way to know which Thomson Carter fragrance gets your vote of approval. I really enjoyed browsing the diverse range of luxury fragrances where an array of exquisite note combinations await you.

It’s time to stand out from the crowd with Thomson Carter, for him. Revel in the essence of masculinity and a make a statement with these timeless scents tailored to perfection. Your unboxing experience will enable you to embrace the beauty of diversity and fluidity of scents with Thomson Carter. Let Thomson Carter fragrances for her transport you to a delicate oasis of the finest notes, you’ll be sure to turn heads with your intoxicating aura.

Let your scent tell your story, a tale of sophistication and timeless beauty. But one things for sure when redefining luxury Thompson Carter count first impressions are everything and their vision to make it longlisting with impact. The count down to Christmas has begun, find your signature scent and embrace the luxury of individuality here








Editorial Disclaimer: PR Product Gifted. This product is a press sample kindly gifted by Thomson Carter London and I am under no obligation to post about a brand whether or not I choose to do so. How I choose to work with brands on any collaboration whatsoever is always down to personal choice and preference if I feel it’s a good fit for my content and audience so I can always give my honest feedback.




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Find your perfect Fragrance by getting six expertly selected samples delivered in the mail and you don’t even need to leave the house. It’s time to experience FIOLE as we step into the world’s first virtual perfumery.

Virtual Fragrance Consultation


Fiole have joined in partnership with Fortnum & Mason with their collaborative pop-up experience, THE FUTURE OF FRAGRANCE.


From experience choosing a fragrance is a deeply personal experience so make your generous gift a thoughtful one, by giving your loved one the opportunity to discover their perfect fragrance in the Fiole Experience.

And all it takes is just 3 steps to finding your ideal fragrance from the comfort of your own home with Fiole.

Handmade to match your personal taste. Discover your fragrance personality and build your Custom Fiole Box.

Virtual Fragrance Consultation

Samuel Gearing and Josh Carter the Founders of Fiole have spent the past 10 years working as fragrance specialist for a variety of luxury brands in store while training under some of the world’s most prestigious perfumery’s. Fiole is the realisation of an idea they had after seeing the fragrance industry come to a halt in the wake of Covid-19. The biggest problem was the obvious that you can’t try a fragrance through a device. So, after what has been the largest professional undertaking both Josh and Samuel have ever done, they have built what they believe to be the missing link for choosing your ideal fragrance online.

Virtual Fragrance Consultation

“Using a blind test, your custom Fiole Box will teach you a simple specialist method to analyse your 6 personal recommendations. Discover your fragrance personality or gift the experience now they’ll never forget.”

Virtual Fragrance Consultation


Discover your fragrance personality or gift the experience and unlock a world of scents that are built to match your style and no one else’s

Each Fiole Box is individually customised to your personal taste by using the virtual consultant, The Fiole Fragrance Finder to Discover your Fragrance Personality and receive yours.

When it arrives in the post your box comes with 6 recommendations from a variety of top-quality brands that are accurately matched to your Fragrance Personality and guide you how to analyze them in the same way a specialist would. Did you know, once you’ve found your favourite, you can collect a full size via the website and redeem the cost of your Fiole box.

And when you build your custom Fiole Box through the Fiole Fragrance Finder, you can rest assured that each of your 6 personal recommendations come from a selection of the finest luxury fragrance houses in the world. Give it try for yourself!

How It Work’s

Fiole is designed to do all the hard work for you. With Fiole, you don’t have to have any prior knowledge to be able to find your ideal fragrance. The Fiole Fragrance Finder Virtual Consultant will ask you a series of questions that will vary depending on your choices, to determine your personal taste. It will then translate that into 6 recommendations that will suit your style.

The genius of the Fiole algorithm is that whilst it feels simple its astonishingly accurate. It’s designed to put your choices at the centre readjusting itself with every question to find you the perfect set of recommendations. This way, when your custom Fiole box arrives in the post, the question is not “Which do I like?’ But ‘Which fragrance do I like the most?’

Make Your Gift Feel Unique & Personalised

When it comes to fragrance everyone is different. Don’t risk disappointment by choosing it for them. Instead gift the Fiole experience so your loved one can explore their personality and find something perfect for them, thanks to your generosity.

Fiole Gift Cards themselves come as e-gifts or as lovely made sustainable card booklets. You can gift the Fiole experience on it’s own, or if you’re feeling super generous add a budget for a full size once they’ve found their favourite.

Exclusivity & Traditional Family Heritage

Championing independent brands is hugely important to Fiole. Even all the brands available through Fiole are meticulously curated with passion and integrity as many are family run and from grassroots backgrounds. Not forgetting purchasing through Fiole means supporting independent perfumery houses in the world.

Virtual Fragrance Consultation

Why not let Samuel and Josh give you an introduction to the first online mechanism that can take you through a full, personalised fragrance consultation, just like the one you would get like they’re with you in person is also available by booking an appointment on 2nd Floor Fiole Pop-Up Boutique at Fortnum & Mason London.

But, I strongly advise not to leave it too late because you have until the end of May ‘2022’ Fiole will be transforming part of Fortnum’s famous ‘Scent Room’ with a cutting-edge installation that uses their popular Digital technology to take customers on a sensorial journey of discovery like no other. My favourite Fragrance amongst them all had to be the scent included in my Fiole Discovery Scent Box that’s actually inspired by the Smoking Room at Claridges Hotel in London would you believe it or not. I’ll leave that thought with you to decide and make up your own mind about it. Can you guess which one it is?

Editorial Disclaimer: PR Product Gifted. This product is a press sample kindly gifted by Fiole and I am under no obligation to post about a brand whether or not I choose to do so. How I choose to work with brands on any collaboration whatsoever is always down to personal choice and preference if I feel it’s a good fit for my content and audience so I can always give my honest feedback.



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Acqua di Parma


For Christmas 2018 the brand has introduced their exclusive Home and Travel Collection in collaboration with the acclaimed British Artist Clym Evernden who worked with Fenwicks on their window displays and Stylist magazine.

British Artist Clym collaborates with Acqua di parma for their limited Edition Colonia Collection this Holiday Season.

Clym was commissioned to create Acqua di Parma’s new campaign for the Limited Edition Colonia Artist Collection to capture the essence of the sunny sophistication of Italy and liberated feeling that inspired his little yellow bird illustration. Acqua’s products are mostly unisex so the packaging reflects that and was created in mind to be neutral so the products are accessible for everyone.

New arrivals this season include a deodorant just recently added to the range which includes 32 fragrances in the whole collection so there’s allot of choice to impress even the most discerning gentlemen in your life.

Acqua di parma


Acqua di Parma

As gift set’s seem to be the most popular choice this festive season I wanted to mention the ones which stood out for me which were the smart gifts as Clym limited edition hand wash and hand lotion, scented candles colonia x Clym and Essenza Intensa Pura x Clym gift sets come with 100 ml fragrance, gel deodorant and shower gel.


Acqua di Parma


Gift packaging Seasons Greeting’s in four different languages Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese for a personal touch.


The Bespoke option gift box is available too where you can choose 3 or 4 products encased with a ribbon without tissue which in my opinion seems smarter in terms of presentation. It does not stop there so in fact it just gets even better where the personalisation of gifts this Christmas is pre-monogrammed on Hat boxes. By observing the packaging it has seasons greeting’s in four different languages Russian, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese includes limited Edition products and colonia handwash.


Acqua di Parma



So just to recap what’s on offer this Christmas it’s the Christmas gift sets x 4 Colonia, Intensa, Essena and Pura, to smart gift sets / home, Colonia Sandelo and bespoke gifting.



Acqua di Parma Colonia Classic is the Award Winning Classic Fragrance at the GQ Grooming Awards 2017

During my window shopping trip over the weekend I realised that the Blue Mediternia Collection is only exclusive to House of Fraiser which are citrus, aromatic, sweet scented and fruity distinguished by the names Mirto di Panrea, Aranci Di Capri, and Fico di Amalfi to recreate that feeling of being holiday once you get there.

Citrus aromatic scent is fresh and full of life with bergamot where the woody smells of vetiver, lavender and lemon leave that long lasting impression of sophistication.

Trust me on this one, as you’ll want to try all 6 in the range too from Colonia Assoluta, Colonia Intensa, Colonia Essensa, Colonia Club and Colonia Pura. For those of you interested in the history of the brand Acqua di Parma’s Colonia Classic fragrance is 102 years old which makes it a classic heritage brand to rival other designer fragrances on the market as the Award Winning Classic Fragrance at the GQ Grooming Awards 2017.

Interesting fact – Colonia represents the 1st 100 years of the past and Colonia Pura the 2nd 100 years in the present future. I could go on and on but as the main focus of this review is to tell you all about the Limited Edition Christmas Collection you’ll want to take home and own which you and your loved ones can share together. These days the popularity of catering to meet the demand for gender neutral products is especially common in both men and women’s fragrances which can also be considered unisex which is something you’ll both want to own together because it’s very special. So, I think that’s pretty much Christmas shopping sorted and various item’s I’ll add to my wish list then!




To find out more please visit below the social media handles of the Artist Clym and Official website of Acqua di Parma









Disclaimer: A huge Thank you to LVMH HQ for gifting me with the Acqua di Parma Mediterania Fico di Amalfi Fragrance only exclusive to House of Fraiser. All special promotions mentioned and prices in this article maybe subject to change and decided by the brand Acqua di Parma alone. I would never promote a product which I would never use and recommend to others. In this instance all opinions I express are my own.






The other day I took my first visit to my local Jo Malone store during a casual stroll in town as you do to seek the perfect gift for some inspiration.  I was astonished to find here a selection for Men’s Grooming, Women’s Beauty to Gender Neutral Products namely fragrances which I was very tempted to try out while inside the store.

Jo Malone London


I’ve always heard great things about The Jo Malone Brand as it’s very quintessentially British and one of my favourite luxury products as an alternative to designer fragrances.  We all have our favourite signature fragrances when it comes to scents that feel almost personal to us when we wear them on our skin.

I could spend all afternoon here trying on every invigorating scent that captivates my interest till I find the one for me or someone else as a gift, because we all like to indulge and be spoiled from time to time.

So, if you’re not all familiar with Jo Malone London let me give you a little bit of background into this iconic British Brand and what makes it so unique.

Jo Malone London


Jo Malone is a British perfume and scented candle brand founded in 1983. Since 1999 it has been owned by Cosmetics giant Estee Lauder. This luxury brand is synonymous for its high end perfumes. Luxury candles, bath products and room scents.

An interesting fact about the brand is that they appointed English Model and Musician Karen Elson and Model and Actress Poppy Delevingne who have served as spokesperson for the brand.

The fragrance I decided to choose this time round had to be the Honeysuckle & Davana Cologne from the Jo Malone Fragrances which is sweet , not too overpowering and just right with its fresh scented aroma’s can also be Unisex. It’s very versatile and feel I can wear this cologne day in, day out as it’s very alluring when people have commented on the scent’s smell  the first time I wore it.

Incase, you’re wondering to know what’s the main ingredients’ of the fragrance are; it evokes the wildness of honeysuckle, fresh tone of rose together with the aromatic fruity twist of davana and woody with Moss warmed by sunshine which I was instantly obsessed with.

For me, it had to be the hints of liquorice that’s very suttle in sweetness brings to life a fragrance that’s light and ideal for daytime or evening.

Which reminds me that I need to try next the Huntsman  x Jo Malone range which is on my wish list just in time for Christmas.


This product retails at £ 47.00 30 ml and £ 94.00 100 ml. To find out more about Jo Malone London visit them online or at their Stores in the UK.






Disclaimer: This item was offered complimentary as a sample to try by Jo Malone London. As always all opinions are my own and I would never promote a product which I would not personally use myself. All prices quoted at the time of this published article are subject to change by the company Jo Malone owned by Estee Lauder.