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Credits: Tailored Double Breasted Pea coat Made with Italian Fabric; Abecrombie & Fitch, White cotton Long Sleeve Tee; Boohoo Man, Skinny Jeans; Forever 21 Men, Derby shoes; H&M MAN, Sunglasses from a Selection at PRADA Milano
During the first day of our press trip my outfit for day one consisted being dressed in all monochrome which is usually my signature style day to day. In true Florentine style in homage to Pitti Uomo 97 I opted for a statement tailored winter coat made from the finest Italian fabric.

I felt I blended right in doing street style pictures to capture the moment being in Firenze. I needed to feel super comfy but still smart casual as most of the day was being spent on planes, buses, trains and taxis. But, just imagine lugging round a suitcase and my weekend bag between destinations.  Honestly Italy is so full of culture, history and the local people are so warm and welcoming here for which I am so grateful.

Outfit dilema’s – I realised when I got there for the first time in my life I had under packed even though it was a short trip. Who’d have thought my blogger peers who are reading this will laugh at this. I’m known for bringing ten times the amount I need. I didn’t have a proper outfits planned for my daytime wears so I put this together last minute. I wanted something smart casual and slightly formal for evening dinner with of course a hint of classic oxford button down shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren paired with a All Saint’s Crew Neck Sweater.

All Photo Credits: Jenny Pickets Styling

I hadn’t packed enough clothes, so off Jen and I go on a little fashionista shopping trip to Gigli Shopping Mall down the road from our Hotel in a 10 minute taxi journey. I wore my comfy shoes again because I knew we would be walking around a lot! I opted for a faux suede Derby, Gibson bucks shoe by H & M which is a classic favourite.

From Pisa to Prato – here I’m wearing brands from the high street to designer which I also paired some skinny jeans and shoes with the outfit too. The first two photos are taken in Firenze Florence.

Art Hotel Museo in Prato – Such a beautiful place and I can’t thank them enough for putting us up here a couple of nights for the first part of our trip to experience local food, culture, wine and cuisine in Tuscany was a very unforgettable stay we loved it here very much.

Entrance to ART HOTEL MUSEO in Prato Italy – Street Style Italia Pitti Immagine Uomo 97



Disclosure: #AD A huge special thanks to Art Hotel Museo Italy for kindly sponsoring our stay and for the amazing hospitality in Prato – this was a paid partnership collaboration with the hotel brand. Also I would like to Thank ryanair.com for sponsoring my return flights itinerary between Pisa, Milan and London during Camera Moda Milano Men’s Fashion Week and to both companies for making this trip possible.  All Opinions Expressed will be my own and prices quoted in this article will be subject to change by the companies mentioned e.g. ryanair.com and Art Hotel Museo.


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It’s London Fashion Week Men this weekend as I managed to catch the last leg of the show schedule to attend the Belstaff  Presentation preview of the new seasons Womenswear and Menswear Collections Travelogue Spring Summer 2020. Being a Sunday and the weather very pleasant the beginning of June I was feeling inspired by preppy vibes as my weekend off duty look for today’s event. For today’s look I decided to put together a smart casual look incorporating light weight denim and a basic casual separate such as a T-shirt for a relaxed smart casual outfit. I also got to wear one of my favourite signature pinstripe blazers as my statement piece which looks great in anycase to dress up my outfit is very versatile and understated at the same time which goes with anything. I love it because it’s not your standard conventional denim, it’s denim with a twist.

Styling Credits: Joey’s outfit (Day three LFW Men’s): V neck Men’s Tee, Primark Man, Skinny fit jeans, ASOS, Boots, United Colours of Benetton, Pinstripe Denim Blazer, Polo Ralph Lauren, Sunglasses Marc by Marc Jacobs


Photography: Jenny Pickets Styling

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Haute Couture Fashion Week

Paris is the original birth place of the Haute Couture Houses from Dior, Vionet to Chanel and there always seems to be an expectation of Paris to be very stylish from a Fashion point of view.

 It was such an honour to be invited personally to attend a catwalk show in Paris especially as a blogger as I was wondering if I was the only one from London and would there be anyone else I knew here to keep me company. The Paris Fashion Scene is very new to me but really impressed by the high standards and presentation of such Fashion Designer’s Rani Zakhem as he debuted his Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2018/19 collection to the International press, style influencers and celebrities.



It was such an honour to be invited personally to attend a catwalk show in Paris especially as a blogger as I was wondering if I was the only one from London and would there be anyone else I knew here to keep me company. The Paris Fashion Scene is very new to me but really impressed by the high standards and presentation of such Fashion Designer’s Rani Zakhem as he debuted his Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2018/19 collection to the International press, style influencers and celebrities. As soon as I arrived I just couldn’t wait to explore the city on foot and be immersed in a city full of culture and intrigue.

Haute Couture Fashion Week



Haute Couture Fashion Week


 In Paris the fashion show production efforts made is just on another level with all the fine details, polished floors to the beautiful grade II listed buildings set the standard very high during fashion week here.


Haute Couture Fashion Week

Atelier Rani Zakhem is a Couturier Fashion Designer based in Lebanon but has showcased his work in the fashion capitals such as London, Rome and most notably Paris for his collections each season.

Even during the shows the Press Team from the French PR Agency have usher’s that walk you over to your assigned seat which is great hospitality. But in London this rarely even happens as you have to navigate your seat on your own and a tight squeeze for space so it’s always good to give yourself plenty of time before the shows.For me it was very special to see it up close as sometimes it can take up to two years to produce a new collection for some Couture Houses is a known fact.


Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture Fashion Week

 Zakhem returns this season with a vibrant and sparkling tribute to the combating and combative woman, Amazone of all jungles and Glamazonian, seductive when like a warrior goddess, she appears in her crystal armour.

Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture Fashion Week
A look on the Runway during the Rani Zakhem show


Signature Pieces in the Collection

My favourite looks that came down the Runway included a piece in the collection such as the black spencer jacket with red black and gold crystals in clusters on an incendiary sheath or on the sleeves looked very classic.

Themes for this collection explore the poetry of an imaginary jungle where Rani Zakhem envisions his muse as the glamazone and delicate guardian of a paradise.

Haute Couture Fashion Week
Photography Nadia Rashid


In celebration of this nature there was a feeling of dark romance that had a spellbinding effect in a crinoline creation, fluttering black tulle with scattering of crystals evoking a spider in its precious cobweb.

What I admired about the collection most is that it represents women who appear, strong, but sensual where authority appertains to her and lives in her evidently with elegance. Subtle references from Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan and Azzedine Alaia punctuate the couture vocabulary of Rani Zakhem, between a Saharienne detail, a draped moulage, the powerful minimalism of a white dress enhanced by a slight ornament to create a dream worthy wedding dress. Apparently couture fashion week is where all the wedding dress trends are born to embody each season by a new muse of the moment.

If you ever have the chance to attend Fashion Week in Paris I highly recommend it as it’s a place of culture and the centre of fashion where all the latest ground breaking trends happen.

Have you ever attended Fashion Week in Paris – would love to hear your own experiences. Remember to follow along with The Joey Journal’ via the button below!



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With the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Suits Actress Megan Markle draws closer to the big day on the 20th May, I’m getting rather excited about another Royal Wedding even though it’s just fiction we can all dream of Marrying a Prince one day.


Yes! Warner Bros Studio’s is set to release an adaptation of the novel Crazy Rich Asian’s which observes lavish lifestyle and Royal Protocol for New Millennial’s. Take note girls in case anyone of you is keen to bag a your Prince Charming anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint you all but its official that Harry is set to Marry Megan so he is off the Market. With that said it’s time you get to know the Prince William of Asia Nick Yung who is coming to the big screens near you this summer.  A cinematic release date for the Movie ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ is set for August. Now how does that sound?


Embed from Getty Images


I think Hollywood has come a long way to promote diversity in the film industry and it takes me back to my University days where my final year dissertation discussed Race Relations In Hollywood Cinema and the impact it has on society. I am so thrilled that even to this present day that something I wrote back then would actually become a reality and happen for real, pretty cool right! From personal experience  I’ve worked as a background artist on film and television set’s in the past and found that there are not allot of roles out there for me is disappointing as we need to earn a living too. This is why Hollywood needs to address a positive message in the film industry to work harder at promoting diversity for all.


Now let’s discuss the film and by the looks of the trailer it’s the first I’ve heard for a mainstream film to include an all star Asian Cast. There are some new fresh young talent on the Hollywood Scene Henry Golding who’s cast as a Prince in the movie alongside love interest Constance Wu his co-star.

The most interesting fact about Actor Henry Golding is he is actually new to Acting and comes from a TV Presenter background as a broadcast journalist is pretty impressive don’t you think.  His stints in TV includes The BBC, Discovery Chanel which are Travel shows

He also hails from England with a mixed heritage and Asian where he lived in the U.K and well traveled. Constance Wu is from Richmond Virginia and originally as an native ex-pat of South-East Asia with year’s of experience in the film business.

It’s a love story between the Wu and Golding that depicts the obstacles they face when meeting the family for the first time. It follows fictional characters of Prince Nick Yung and his girlfriend Rachel Chu, but unbeknownst to Rachel he is an heir to vast family fortune in Singapore. It’s when they both head back for a family wedding Nick’s fiancée is faced with a challenge to run the gauntlet of the family tree, past crazy ex’s and ridiculous Mother’s in Law played by Tomorrow Never Die’s Actress Michelle Yeoh.

Even all the girls in Singapore want him. They just can’t get enough of Nick and you can’t blame them really, because he’s all they could ever want in a guy strikingly handsome and not forgetting rich. I’m already excited so expect some over excessive glamour, amazing style and fashion plus the drama that comes along with the movie story plot line dna. Let’s wait and see shall we, even more so it’s taken 25 years for Hollywood to cast a whole Asian cast which is a groundbreaking for Diversity and I hope it stays that way for the future.


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The Real Reason Behind Why I Started Fashion Blogging

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With all the recent media and press attention surrounding the subject of supporting great causes such as LGBT charities it’s good to know Celebrities are using their influence to make a stance campaigning against homophobic bullying. Want to know the real reason behind why I started Fashion Blogging. So, I decided to address how I felt about this in response to the British LGBT Awards 2017. When I learned of HRH the Duke of Cambridge Prince William’s great work campaigning against this topic it’s great to know that support and role models are there to look up to. I also, strongly admire the charity work of The Warwick Rowers working with the organisation Sport Allies to combat the issue of homophobia through their modelling calendar. They have grasped the international media attention to promote positive, inclusive and respectful attitudes towards people of all genders, and sexuality through the raising public awareness.

I felt it was time to shed some light on my own personal experience and how it has affected me being of a certain sexual orientation. About 3 years ago, a former friend who held a grudge against me due to envy took advantage of my good will which almost destroyed my life and the people he hurt along the way.

The worst part is I found out the reason behind what he did from people that came forward. To cut to the chase and address my main point this person chose to use social media as an act of cowardness to out my sexual orientation on a facebook status post. I was informed by another friend who had seen it and took a screen shot and immediately reported it. Like anyone in my position you would feel scared as the person meant to ruin my reputation with malicious intent and did not think clearly about his actions or consequences. Soon after, a series of prank phone calls from withheld numbers mostly in the middle of the night occurred so often with comments of a grotesque nature deemed inappropriate. I just was unable to cope with the situation and a complaint report was filed.

Unfortunately, the relevant Authorities failed to prove it was him instead they discovered it was infact acquaintances of his because he was a coward and a weak person. It disgusts me to the point I felt very let down by the Law. The worst part is he got away with it. Nothing was done. I have cut ties with those people in my life who were not good for me and moved onto better things.

For me, I realised in life you have to experience real suffering and pain in order for some good to come out of it with a positive outcome. It was time to start my life over again. The real turning point for me was gradually learning to love myself again and gain that self confidence.

So, this is how I did it. I always, knew I was a great writer and it was something I very much enjoyed including English Literature at school. Although, I always knew Fashion was my thing that would enable me to express myself and so I started blogging. I thought because of the bad experience I encountered if someone would try to ruin my reputation I could build a brand new one online and so fashion blogging helped turn my life around. The important lesson for me was to surround yourself with positive people who support you and your aspirations.

Writing has enabled me to put all my negative thoughts down on paper and channel it into something completely new and positive experiences. It was also, great to attend the Diesel ‘Make Love Not Walls’ Fashion Campaign Party! during London Fashion Week which promoted the message of Diversity and teach others about self acceptance. It meant so much to me to attend and feel I belong. If you’re reading this, I hope it’s helped some of you whether you’re feeling vulnerable, scared, lonely, and isolated, always remember to be strong because if you don’t they win.