Vacation Postcards from the White Isle

Here’s some inspiration of what I wore all the way from the sunny shores of Ibiza & Formentera

During this vacation my go to Summer staples were Accessories, just scroll down for a few of my key looks to shop this Summer


My outfit was about all Resort Wear Style, cool shades, comfortable laid back swim shorts and sun hat.

Please, take a moment and admire the Hat I customised with flower reef detail: “Almost Siesta Time” – thoughts of relaxation, rejuvenating and footprints in the sand

The day ended with watching the epic Sunset on the beach at Cafe del Mar

Hope you enjoyed snaps from my Summer Vacation Look book!

Until the next trip -‘Ciao’ x


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The Classic Peacoat Trend for Men is Timeless to wear this Winter

We’re not quite there yet, but I just thought I’d share with you some of my favourite picks out there on the high street for winter coats and jackets ideal for keeping the wind chill out. I think everyone should have at least a classic staple such as a peacoat which never goes out of style and keeps you warm and snug in the cold while out and about.

I don’t know about you, but there’s always an opportunity to window shop as there’s so many great brands to choose from at reasonable prices to compete with the designer brands and does not break the bank.

Peacoat for Men

I remember the first time I tried out this peacoat style I was actually looking for a coat that fits closely to the body as well as being warm inside too

Definitely something you should consider when looking around as fit and quality is most important to me and not comprising on style.

“The Peacoat Jacket in STYLE since the 17th Century”

Come to think of it, when tracing back to the origins of the peacoat style throughout history it is in fact a Military Maritime coat used at sea by Sailors.

Traditional colours which are most common are dark navy to more non traditional black that offers timeless outwear since the seventeenth century.

Peacoat for Men

The Classic Peacoat originally worn by Sailors as Maritime Uniform.

The first thing that comes to mind when investing in a new men’s coat for winter to wear outside is that you want it to look effortless to pair with everyday style staples as a statement piece.

Timeless Outerwear for Men – The Classic Navy PEACOAT 

These coats come in different lengths too but personally I like mine mid calf instead of full length to match my height including both single and double breasted jackets to choose from according to style preference.

Peacoat for men

Peacoat for men

Even though it get’s very cold in London this coat style is perfect to see you through the bleakest of mid winter at least til the very end when we can once again look forward to spring time.

Editorial Disclaimer: Some of the above links are affiliate links and I will earn a tiny percentage of the sale if you purchase through them at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting The Joey Journal!



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A few postcards from my Las Vegas Trip. Nothing compares to being poolside for the weekend – pool party vibes.
Wearing my favourite Topman swimwear and a statement sunnies: such as my favourite Sunglasses from Marc Jacobs.
Scroll down into the layed back mood while summer day dreaming.



// I have arrived in Vegas just for the weekend! The car journey was quite an adventure on the road trip from Los Angeles!  Sin City was epic, I have never seen the city at night before! The unforgettable light shows at the Bellagio ! All dressed for a day poolside in resort wear, I made my way to the infamous Las Vegas Strip. The day ended with a fantastic pool party at MGM Grand Bare Pool Lounge //

Men's Resort Wear

Men's Resort WearMen's Resort Wear

Men's Resort Wear

Swim shorts: Topman London / Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs


I hope you liked my Resort Wear Style and enjoyed the Pool Party!


Disclaimer: All guest Must be 21 years of age or older with valid ID to enter Bare Pool Lounge at MGM Grand Las Vegas. As always all opinions will be my own if I choose to review a lifestyle brand is based upon my personal preference so I can give my honest opinion.



The Copenhagen Menswear Brand have designed an Algorithm for the ultimate premium bespoke t-shirt experience made to order

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Did you know that Copenhagen based Menswear brand Son of Tailor have come up with creating the perfect algorithm for designing the ideal custom fit t-shirts for Men. And I was one of the lucky few selected to get my hands on one before they launched recently.

And Just Like that, the other day a T-shirt arrived for me in the mail which I wanted to express how excited I am to learn a bespoke t-shirt company the 1st of its kind named ‘Son of A Tailor’ was founded in the Denmark has launched into the UK market.

I’m ever so grateful the Brand kindly gifted me in the process. From day one it arrived its been a favourite staple in my closet and they even got the colour, size and fit correct according to my personal measurements all part of the great customer service you’d expect from a premium brand was impeccable. I just love the concept and rather impressed with my very own made to measure t-shirt.

I immediately grasped the idea of having bespoke shirts to fit perfectly with a custom made fit. So why not t-shirts which Menswear Brand Son of a Tailor introduces the concept to the mass market. If you want great value for money, precise cut, fit and high quality fabrics Son of A Tailor ensures longevity of a tailor made classic for the contemporary gentlemen’s closet.

Just to think I’ll never have to shop for a poorly made t-shirt again as its often a challenge to find one that fits me without a doubt. At least with Son of a Tailor they send you a tape measure to measure your exact measurements which you then send off to them to begin the process of making your very own custom made t-shirt.

And finally a ‘Styling Tip’ I often find all you need is a simple detail like a classic t-shirt to complete a smart casual look worn under a tailored jacket is understated and still elegant without being too formal. It looks great every time and make sure you add a Bespoke T-shirt to you’re closet as every man need’s to own one being a timeless classic staple you can wear over and over again.

Disclaimer: #AD This item was kindly Gifted to me  by Son of a Tailor Copenhagen to promote their launch into the U.K. Market. All opinions will be my own.