Just a few Ways to be a Better Man in a relationship

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Are you struggling with expressing love and appreciation in meaningful ways? Don’t worry! Many couples struggle with maintaining healthy and fulfilling relationships in today’s fast-paced and stressful environment – don’t fret though; there are easy ways you can show how much you care without expending too much time, money or energy. Here are 7 Tips that might inspire you:

1. Active Listening

When your partner speaks, pay careful attention to everything they say – what they are saying, why they are saying it and any reactions from you as an audience member. Show that you care by nodding along or making eye contact if appropriate and asking follow-up questions without interrupting or giving unsolicited advice or opinions of any sort – active listening can help strengthen emotional ties while improving understanding between you.

2. Compliment Sincerely

If you see something positive in your partner, be sincere when sharing it. Try using “I” statements rather than generic “you” phrases so your compliment is more personal. Rather than saying simply, “You look great”, give genuine compliments. This could improve self-esteem, create trust between people, and deepen mutual attraction between partners.

3. Show Affection Regularly

Physical touch releases endorphins that relieve stress; make this part of your daily routine! Respect each partner’s preferences and acknowledge when more space may be vital for either party. Non-physical expressions like sending love notes, giving thoughtful presents or doing kind acts are great ways to show love!

4. Share Responsibilities

Sharing responsibilities between partners can ease strain in relationships by reducing burdensome or unrecognised emotions for either spouse. To do this successfully and avoid possible conflict or tension in relationships, share responsibilities equally based on strengths, schedules, and preferences (with help supplied where required).

5. Consider Your Surprises

Presenting clever surprises is a lovely way to show the depth of your love while simultaneously demonstrating that you understand their interests and preferences. All surprises should not be treated equally though, as some could backfire if too costly, extensive, or different from what your partner desires for surprises – to avoid disappointment or frustration, be sure that all surprises meet both schedule and mood requirements. Remember that small gestures have more of an effect than grandiose ones and planning vacations can be a great gift idea!

6. Apologise Sincerely

No relationship can ever remain perfect; conflicts and misunderstandings will invariably arise at some point; it’s how these incidents are addressed that matters the most when these occur – being sincere when wrong, hurtful, or insensitive can go a long way in rebuilding trust, respect, and affection between partners.

7. Consider Relation Therapy

No matter our efforts to keep relationships strong and harmonious, our relationships may still come across challenges or conflicts which prove too great or persistent for us alone to resolve on our own. When this is the case for us, pursuing professional relationship counselling services may be a wise and practical decision.

Therapy offers a safe space to discuss feelings, goals and communication challenges while learning problem-solving and problem-avoidance skills; furthermore it can assist you with healing past wounds, improving emotional intelligence, and heightening intimacy and trust between parties affected.

For professional relationship counselling, contact Susie Tuckwell – Your local relationship therapist.

8. Explore Your Intimacy Together

Sex is an important aspect of any relationship. Getting to know your partner, experiencing something new together, choosing to use condoms, or planning for pregnancy are crucial factors and decisions that should not be overlooked. Be sure to communicate openly with your partner, take decisions together, and be open to new experiences.


Making your partner feel adored and respected doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive; by regularly practising these straightforward yet heartfelt gestures, you can strengthen your relationship, deepen the connection, and create an even more joyful and rewarding life together. Remember to communicate openly, respect each other’s boundaries, and celebrate differences as well as similarities – these small but significant acts will surely leave them feeling amazing! With devotion, patience, and commitment – they will feel like the centre of the universe!

Disclaimer: THE JOEY JOURNAL does not provide Relationship counselling or life coaching. Any material published on this blog is not intended as a substitute for professional relationship advice which comes from my own personal life experiences of sharing relatable experience with my Audience, and you should not take any action before contacting your Healthcare Practitioner or Medically trained Counsellor.


Become the Better You Starts with these Essential Life Hacks for a Happier and Healthier Lifestyle in 2023

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Got a bad habit or two? We all do; it’s part of being human. However, working on these habits is a good way to make yourself feel happy, thanks to the time and respect you’ll be putting into yourself. 


Indeed, working to replace a bad habit with a better habit that’s good for you will work best here, because building healthy daily habits isn’t just about helping yourself live longer – it’s about your happiness as well! Seeing as your mind and body are connected, focusing on one will improve the other. If you want to feel happier in your life, develop some habits like these.


How to Improve Mens Mental Health


Be Strict About Your Bedtime

The amount of sleep you get is crucial. The closer you are to 8 hours, the better! Not only does this have physical benefits, but it’ll bring your mood up and stabilise it as well. So be strict with yourself when it comes to bedtime; don’t let yourself skimp on weekends, and try to avoid staying up past midnight for special events. The earlier you hit the hay, the more unbroken, quality sleep you’ll get, and the better you’ll feel for it. 


Be Proactive with Oral Health

We’re literally talking about your smile here, a.k.a., the number one way to show both other people and yourself how happy you are. Because a smile isn’t just in the way you look – it affects the way you feel too. And if you’re not proactive about putting on clear aligners or flossing in between your teeth at night, you may find it harder and harder to smile. But don’t let this kind of shame take over your life; let yourself beam and be proud of your teeth, lips, and gums by being proactive about your oral health. 


Write Out Your Feelings

Writing your feelings is one of the best ways to break down the bottle you might be holding inside of you. When you don’t let your feelings out, or you find it hard to talk about them, they stay in your head and heart and poison the waters. 

But just by getting yourself a journal, you can express them in a healthy, private manner without having to worry what someone might say. Write it all out, close the book, and then lock it away for another day – you’ll soon feel a lightness in yourself. 


Spend Less Time Online

The more time we spend online, the less time we get with the real world. And seeing as social media presents a polished version of everyone’s life, this really matters! It’s fine to post pictures of your own and interact with people, but make sure you draw a line between what’s real in your world and what’s fake on the timeline. And if you’re endlessly scrolling, this is definitely the first habit to tackle and change into a good one. 

If you want to be happy, target habits like these and see what they can do for you.