Unboxing the new Ted Baker Travel and Body range for Men - Take Flight with Ted’s new Pashion Toiletries Gift Collection

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Merry Christmas guys!, I just wanted to remind you that the countdown to Christmas begins less than 3 weeks away and if like me you’re still hunting for the ideal gifts as presents I’ve come across these amazing Christmas gifts set from Ted Baker London.  Just the other day I had the pleasure of receiving a gifted parcel from the brand and what a surprise it was being so close to my Birthday last weekend which made my day. Ted Baker unveils their exclusive Christmas Gift sets for the Festive Season at Boots UK available to buy now in store or online.

Design led, on trend and highly giftable everyday treats that lead to No Ordinary Experience.

I’m a great fan of their menswear and lifestyle products too which includes also grooming and accessories.

I recently discovered the brand also has various standalone Barber Shop’s Ted’s Grooming room where you can experience firsthand the finest grooming by Master Barbers such as authentic prestigious Turkish barbering skills inspired by quintessential British style.  I’m very keen to try this out as I’ve heard you will enjoy the best haircut in London to Traditional Wet Shaves.  Ted’s Grooming Room offers gift vouchers, Hair products, gift certificates and more to satisfy even the most dandy gentry debonair about town.


Expect and invest in fine new formulations at Ted’s Grooming Room that burst with active ingredients’ including making a long lasting impression with Ted’s invigorating signature cologne perfected in London and inspired by Turkish aftershave.


Top image: Ted Baker Travel & Grooming Range This image: Flight of Fancy Christmas Gift Set RRP £18


It’s a good job then that Ted Baker has released its Festive Gift Set’s just in time for Christmas and my favourite pick from the limited edition range exclusive to Boot’s UK has to be their ‘Flight of Fancy’ Men’s Grooming Kit. What I love about this range is that this gift set comes equipped with everything a Ted clientele needs, including a manicure set to keep you perfectly groomed on your travels.

In addition the set comes complete with graphite black hair & body wash plus matching fragrant body spray that has an invigorated scent with aromas of enticing smoky spiced blend of pink pepper, tobacco and rich cedarwood for the man on the go.

The Eagle illustration on the packaging cleverly suggest it’s a gift set for made for travel as you can see where flight of fancy gets its name from. It’s definitely for those who love to jet set and travel on vacation either for business or pleasure making it the perfect travel companion as an addition to refresh your grooming kit.

Ted Baker began life as shirt maker during the late 1980’s in the UK as quintessentially British Brand with its presence in over 380 stores and concessions all around the world.  I would definitely say that Ted Baker’s Lifestyle Collection should be part of every discerning man’s lifestyle from his wardrobe to essential grooming routine from distinct clothing collection to accessories to dress yourself or your home.

Make Ted Baker a must have style statement for your bathroom this Christmas, with design led, on trend prints and fashion inspired colour pallet. I have to say that trying on the men’s grooming ranges deliver both formulations and compelling fragrances with a contemporary edge taking the lead from fine fragrance.



To find out more about Ted Baker please visit their website and social media handles below.




Instagram @ted_baker


Disclaimer: Many Thanks to Ted Baker for kindly gifting me with their latest Christmas Gift Sets for Men exclusively available to buy now at Boots e.g Flight of Fancy – Ted Baker Gift Set £ 18. All prices quoted in this article review are subject to change by Boots plc. All opinions will be my own and I will never promote products I otherwise would not use myself as I would like to give my honest opinions and feedback on products.







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One day I realised I had run out of my favourite shampoo salon brand Label. M haircare which is sold at Toni & Guy Salons nationwide that I decided to pay a visit to a branch in Woking Surrey during a commute back home for the weekend. I remember asking the salon stylist if they had any more of the travel sized shampoo which I had purchased prior to my trip for Milan Fashion Week this summer as they seem to come in handy when traveling.

What I did not realise that day is one salon in particular was trialling a sustainable initiative to be more green given the fact this issue is being highlighted in the media that fashion to needs to be more environmentally friendly. The Salon staff mentioned that they had an idea which they pitched to Toni & Guy Head Office and agreed to set up The Label M Eco Lab kiosk inside the store to see how it would promote a green concept for the company’s image.


TONI & GUY  ( 2 )

Label M Eco Lab Cleanse & Condition @toniandguywoking IG



“The idea of fashion is EXCITING again because it can be sustainable and echo friendly”


How this concept would work is that you can purchase refillable 100 ml shampoo bottles that are 100 percent recyclable and bring the bottles back in next time on your next top-up of Label M shampoo from the Eco Lab’s pump station.




It was great to have an option to try out different shampoo’s from the Label M. hair care range which I would not have the chance to otherwise as the range normally comes in full size bottles which can be costly. The price of the 100 ml bottles retails just under £ 5 which is great if you want to have a feel of the range from peppermint conditioner, honey to colour stay shampoo are really great products to include for your daily grooming routine essentials.

If you would like to find out more how you can support and promote sustainability please get involved and support the Label M Eco lab and say yes to a greener future to reduce environmental waste by doing your bit to preserve the planet for a great cause.

“Toni & Guy Hair Salon is a Fashion-led hairdressing brand and the only Official Hair Sponsor of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Men’s”


TONI & GUY  ( 3 )
Label M Eco Lab Range by Toni & Guy World

For more information and salon appointment please visit Toni & Guy Woking

To book an appointment

01483 771133








Disclosure; All Opinions will be my own. I would not promote products that I would not otherwise use myself as I want to provide honest feedback about brands that I’m a fan of and support.


With the arrival of winter it can suggest a few changes to our daily routines, that includes skincare apart from our wardrobe edit of course and here’s what you can do about it.

I often find that as our skin can be affected by the elements and fatigue we can take steps to improve its appearance with just making a few changes to our essential daily grooming.

There are some really great products to keep your skin refreshed, recharged and feeling great during the party season by prepping beforehand with my essential grooming hacks day to day.

I find it helps to start your morning routine with a refreshing face wash to give your skin that energising boost to beat fatigue with Clarins Paris One-Step-Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser that contains orange extracts is suitable for all skins types including sensitive skin too.

One particular area of the face that I love to mention is how best we improve the appearance of fatigue in the eye area which needs to be kept firm and looking youthful starts with hydration to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles by using eye cream treatments. I’ve chosen Kiehls Eye Alert as it contains cucumber and vitamin E is ideal to reduce puffiness and give your eyes a refreshed energy boost any time of day and is on me the whole time from first thing early morning to when getting home before bed.

For when you arrive home just top up with eye gel patches and leave it to work it’s magic to hydrate, soften and calm the affected area which has cucumber extract and collagen for skin cell renewal. Just remember a good night’s rest is essential for skin renewal so we could all do with some beauty sleep from time to time.
Most recently as the days and nights get cooler the climate can make our skin feel dry at times so be sure to wrap up warm and have products at hand to use when necessary on the go.

In this instance, I like to carry a lip balm with me to prevent my lips from getting dry and chapped so they appear smooth. Some products by Sister & Co Skin Food you may find even come with sumptuous flavours such as wild mint, raw coconut, Lip tonic and Lemon Myrtle that gives a tingling sensation when applied to the lips.

With that said our hands too could do with some tender loving care with the exception of a body cream to stop them getting dry. It’s best just to apply some to hands before putting your winter warmers on. There’s a great body cream from Jo Malone London I’ve been trying out recently with an aromatic scent of mandarin and lime basil that’s uplifting and sensual even in the bleak midwinter it feels festive as it takes me back to my childhood of decorated mandarins with cloves and ribbons as presents.

Let these amazing products work their magic by improving your daily skincare routine with additional items to refresh your grooming kit this winter.


Disclaimer: As always all opinions are you my own and I would never recommend any products that I myself would not use or purchase.


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Ever wondered what to include in your everyday morning routine well look no further.  It all begins at home with Cornerstone. You’ll discover morning rituals will never be the same. With Cornerstone’s handy subscription service getting a close shave is more achievable than you think.

Our essential products ensure you get the most out of your daily grooming routine from our carefully formulated shaving range which has been dermatologically tested to solve the issues of sensitive skin.

Start your day right by seizing the moment with our Eucalyptus infused Shave Gel. We want to ensure your skin is left feeling great, invigorated and refreshed throughout the day from morning into night.

When you need to look super sharp do as the Man About Town does and get ready with a Cornerstone. It’s often the littlest things that make all the difference. After experiencing a close wet shave with a Cornerstone razor, you’ll never go back to using your old one again.

Need inspiration for skin cleansers and radiance boosters. Ask yourself this. Do you have everything you need for a smooth comfortable shave with ease?  Treat yourself this evening after a long day at the office.

This week our topic is all about how to look fresh on the hottest days of the year. Visit our blog and check back for our top summer grooming tips.

Want to find out more about our Grooming essentials discover more with Cornerstone and be confident in the skin you’re in. No gimmicks just an all round great shave.


We hope you like your Cornerstone Razor. Here is our personal guide we created to help you make the most of our product range.


Before shaving it’s ideal to exfoliate with our face scrub to unblock pores and remove any dead skin cells for visibly clearer looking skin. Our unique formula of cedar wood and volcanic sands penetrates deep within the skin to get rid of shaving spots, in grown hairs preventing nips and cuts. Shaving with ease has never been easier.

When: morning and night.

How: massage into a damp face in upward, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Why: Lifts dead skin cells and dirt, keeping blemishes and blackheads at bay.



The shave gel contains ginger extract and eucalyptus oil perfect to eliminate any razor burn for those prone to sensitive skin. It’s fantastic because it makes shaving more comfortable and irritation free.

When: after shower

How: start by massaging the face lifting hair away from the skin in preparation for a closer shave.

Why: reduces drag and heals with a natural soothing formula that prevents redness



When: after a warm shower

How: gently glide the razor across your face in the direction of hair growth

Grooming: We’ve adapted the German engineered blade for a sharper closer shave. It’s recommended to replace your blades on a regular basis.



After your morning shave ensure you restore yours skins natural moisture balance and prevent irritation with our post shave balm. It works wonders to cool, refresh, moisturise with scented mint and honey extract is very soothing after shaving.

When: each morning

How: Squeeze a couple of drops in your palms then massage into your face

Why: prevents irritation, and leaves your skin looking healthier, feeling smoother and softer



Refresh and hydrate with a light weight and natural everyday moisturiser combined with aloe vera and mint extracts ideal for after shaving. Our product is oil free sensitive and best applied to clean and dry skin to restore and condition its original moisture balance.

When: after washing or shaving

How: apply evenly to a clean face, gently massaging into the skin

Why: Hydrates and soothes with a non-greasy formula that’s lightweight and easily absorbed


Highlights of London Fashion Week Men inspired the ultimate treat showcasing Cornerstone’s finest signature wet shave for the debonair man at The Century Private Members Club. It’s all about looking and feeling great.

Get ready for the summer vacation period as Cornerstone introduces its travel size essentials for the man on the go. Our products ensure you look great either way whilst at home or in your hotel suite. Let us reboot and refresh your travel kit in style.

Our products are packed with goodness and natural ingredients so they are kinder to your face. We work towards our philosophy of design principles, functionality and affordable quality. Forget overpriced, underwhelming high street grooming brands, because it’s all about the Cornerstone experience.




Disclaimer: A special thanks to London Fashion Week Mens – The Grooming Room at the Century Club for gifting me with a Corner Stone Razor. I would never promote any products which I would not otherwise use myself and all opinions are my own.


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It’s definately that time of year when everyone is starting to think about Summer Vacations, where to go and what to pack seems just as relevant in what you choose in your suitcase and hand luggage. Travel should always be a pleasant experience where by things should run as smoothly as possible and taking into account those home comfort items you bring along for the ride.

We all have our favourite travel essential preferences that we can’t live without so here are some of my handpicked most stylish items every man should own.

From Men’s grooming, to Stylish Accessories I hope you feel inspired to try at least some of the items I’ve pre-selected in this post on your next travels wherever that maybe. It’s worth investing in some luxury items to treat yourself while your away on vacation don’t you think?

Firstly and foremost the exclusive item and travel companion that comes with me abroad is my luxury Passport Holder from Richards Radcliffe. It makes all journey’s feel that extra bit special as an investment piece classic staple to accompany handluggage. Going through airport security is one thing, but looking stylish when you present your passport looks great if you’re one to show off some chic airport style before jetting off.


I just wanted to share with you some of my favourite items I happen to come across this summer before I pack for my next vacation. The ideal products you should  idealy be thinking about are the ones that give you that extra boost of energy so that your body feels refreshed and re-charged from fatigue or inflight jetlagg. Most recently, I discovered the British Menswear Brand Ben Sherman have released a new product line of inspired travel grooming products for Men the ‘Hotel Collection’ which I could not wait to get my hands on. After trialing the products which come in a body wash, moisturising soap and cleansing soap the invogorating scents of citrus and bergamia are great for re-charging your pores and especially anything with vitamin c is a bonus.

After applying my daily moisturiser, I also use this great product from the Bodyshop normally used as a base product for makeup application, but it’s main purpose is to improve the appearance of dull looking skin which is why I adore it so much. The Vitamin C Skin Reviver is applied after moisturising to achieve that instant glow and smooth looking skin so your skin feels amazing and looks flawless like an A-List Celebrity.

Don’t forget your hair could also benefit with a boost to re-energise and re-charge while on the go with a hairscalp moisturising treatment from Paul Mitchell’s Lavender & Mint Teatree Conditioner gives you that tingling sensation and aroming scents of rich mint which evaporates in the steam of the shower is yet another favourite stress free travel essential to take with you.

Finally, how to combat tired puffy looking eyes and treat those dark circle areas look no further than the Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream from Bliss World when applied under the eyes it locks in moisture to keep eyes looking fresh and hydrated day and night. Not only does it protect with antioxidents it helps brighten the look of dark circles and paraben free perfect for sensitive skin.


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This post contains press samples, but all opinions expressed are my own


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