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Marrakech the Red City in Morocco is the 4th largest City and home of the Koutoubia 12th Century mosque to other must see attractions the Bahia Palace and more.

 Besides tourism you will discover the countries rich cultural history and local customs where culture and cuisine can be experienced in the heart of the city.  But, don’t forget to make the Jardin Majorelle part of your day out sightseeing with beautiful botanical Garden, it’s exotic plants and majestic fountains next to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.Definitely worth the visit if love fashion and want to find out about the fashion houses cultural significance in the city’s history. In case you’re wondering what the connection is, the association with the French Design House began when the Designer and Pierre Berge first visited the garden in 1966 upon their first stay.


Before coming to Morocco I’ve always been intrigued by its charm, beauty and splendor, so when the chance came I stumbled upon a dear friend’s Wedding Invitation I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity for a long weekend. It was here I discovered the Dar JL Luxury Villa’s and it’s accommodations and private grounds were just breathtaking – take a moment to admire its surroundings and scenery’s. The garden is beautiful but sometimes it’s a real treat to take time out to rest inside one of the villas. Or why not a have private lunch in the Olive Garden Grove which is where my friend had her Wedding Ceremony.

hotel marrakech


I recall it being 37 degrees one afternoon so took a swim in one of the swimming pools which had a reflection of the olive tree in it. I’ll never forget that night of the Wedding reception the enchanting magic of the atmosphere lots of candlelight and lanterns were truly an unforgettable experience.

  hotel marrakech


When night falls the magic begins in Marrakech.

Inside the villas you will come across tapestry’s that adorn the walls with magnificent vibrant colour with every fine detail of the cushions local arts and crafts.We partied the night away at Dar JL Hippie Village suite with entertainment from a live DJ set and wedding band till the early hours is such a favourite place to hang out.

hotel marrakech

hotel marrakech


hotel marrakech



Did you know, Dar JL also boast a private pool in one of the suites to outdoor shower facilities if you’re keen on alone time. I absolutely adored the shades of green, purple and yellow and think these colours really compliment the character of the resort not forgetting the 14 acres of tropical gardens to explore.

hotel marrakech


hotel marrakech


Dar JL Villa La Tour which enables you to view the snowy Atlas Mountains in awe

Here’s a thought its day two of the Wedding, early morning swim or enjoy a hammam in their luxury wellness suites are divine. Either or, both experiences will make a well afternoon spent just for two as Dar JL has lots of secret places to explore in the garden. After a sunny day, it was time for our tea in the berber tent before getting into the evening mood.

There is so much beauty and colour around you where you will notice the yellow cactus flowers really blend into the garden too. Care for some more Mint Tea before continuing a few steps up of the Dar JL Villa La Tour which enables you to view the snowy Atlas Mountains in awe. Also, entertainment included a late night movie in open wow what an experience I tell you it was under the stars and candle light.

hotel marrakech



I think the best moment for me is that each night during you’re stay you can find a new place in the garden to have your dinner and new places to hang out in discreet hideaways amongst the tiles and arches. I do miss the outdoor picnics we had during the day after the Wedding for more celebrating of my newlywed friends.

Not forgetting delicious food is so important during your vacation the dining experiences at Dar JL are second to none. I highly recommend coming and sampling the cuisine for the ultimate dining experience

It’s another pool day ahead for Sun lounging, Sunshine and Serenity of Moroccan architecture ticks all the boxes. What else do you need…

hotel marrakech


With over 300 days of sun per year in Marrakech it’s easy to get here by taxi a 20 minute ride away from the city centre. If you’re keen on planning a visit The Dar JL is a luxury villa resort comprising of four villas that can be rented as a whole or individually.

hotel marrakech

The Villa Dar Limoon has four bedrooms and a living room with a large private pool.

Indulge by treating yourself making the most of you’re stay here with pools, tennis court and spa day set in 14 acres of lush tropical garden are all unforgettable experiences.Besides hanging by the pool, listening to the birds chirping and the calm on the water is the ideal way to spend the weekend at Dar JL.

Hotel Marrakech


Editorial Disclaimer: As always, all opinions are my own and I will never promote something I don’t personally support and believe in.  I was an invited guest to the resort by a friend and not of the Hotel. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed or endorsed by any of these entities.


For more information and booking enquiries on Hotel Reservations for Dar JL Luxury Villas Marrakech please visit

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Circuit de la Palmeraie,

Marrakech 40000, Morocco



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As the Summer has drawn to a close, it’s time to start sharing all my favourite looks from my weekend! in Marrakech, which took place beginning of September, was a great one this year! It is my 1st time visiting Morocco for a friends Wedding, and it was an amazing experience! I have grown accustomed to the Culture and know I am already dreaming of returning to check out Agadir! The luxury resorts, sandy beaches, fine cuisine, souks for traditional arts & crafts, nightlife and rooftop sunbathing on Riad’s. Morocco was so beautiful to explore the Red City.

Day 1 

 The first day in Marrakech started with lovely weather at least 28 degrees , My outfit was all about smart casual separates, tailored shorts and iconic white sunglasses. The day ended with a fantastic lunch at Riad El Fenn

What to pack Morocco

What to pack Morocco

Seersucker Shorts: Uniqlo / Men’s Sunglasses: CK Calvin Klein Jeans / White Men’s Tee: Uniqlo

What to pack Morocco

Day 2

// The second day was all about capturing Sartorial moments with a neatly tailored Blazer for a very special elegant Wedding Invitation at Dar JL Private Estate //

What to pack Morocco

What to pack Morocco

Blazer: Zara Man / Chino: Polo Ralph Lauren / Pocket Square: River Island / Bag: Chanel / Shades: CK Calvin Klein


Day 3

// The 2rd day of the Wedding was all about resort style, therefore I opted for casual vacation day wear.

I have paired up a retro pair of white sunglasses with some bold print swimsuits – and, I was ready for poolside fun! //

What to pack Morocco

What to pack Morocco

Swimwear Shorts: Topman /  Shades: CK Calvin Klein / Mens Tee: Uniqlo

Day 4

// The 4th day was about Daytime Resort Attire by the plunge pool to enjoy a spot of Moroccan Mint tea at Breakfast before checking out art, ceramics, traditional Moroccan berber rugs and designers in the Souks of the Medina’s Main Square //


What to pack Morocco

What to pack Morocco

What to pack Morocco

Outfit: Uniqlo Japan / Shades: CK Calvin Klein

I hope you enjoyed my Moroccan inspiration look book



Things to do in Marrakech

Discover Culture in the Souks of the Medina when visiting Morocco.

Ciao, it’s me again. I just wanted to let you know I’m very excited and returned from my recent trip to Marrakech to attend a friend’s wedding. It’s my first time visiting Morocco and just could not wait to find out more about the countries rich cultural history and local customs. And, so my experience begins as I pack for a long weekend to escape the cold weather and heavy rain in London.


Let’s explore the city’s streets together and get lost in the souk dens of the Medina’s Main Square, to sampling the local cuisine, a spot of Moroccan Mint Tea and favourite sun bathing spots on the roof tops to take in the city’s breathtaking scenery in a short few days. Here’s my guide of what I consider are the best places to visit that Marrakech has to offer.


The luxury resort Dar JL is certainly a hidden gem for those fortunate to enjoy their stay and experience the best Marrakech has to offer. Dar JL is spread over an organic garden with picturesque landscape and the perfect wedding venue as experienced during my long weekend visit to escape the cold weather in rainy London town. It was worth it. The luxury Villa and Wedding Venue is centrally located in Marrakech with 4 villas, three swimming pools which boast an impressive 12 acre garden. Total privacy and high security assured.


Things to do in Marrakech

The hotel even has a resident tortoise and Leopard Gecko Lizard lurking about on the ground floor.

I managed to stumble across another hidden gem to discover The Riad El Fenn a luxury hotel and spa retreat owned by Vanessa Branson the sister of Sir Richard Branson discreetly hidden and tucked away in a small alley. I highly recommend making your way up to the roof terrace and enjoy all its splendour.

Things to do in Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech

Treat yourself to a luxury city break, stay in the hotel, eat, drink in the bar & restaurant or shop in the boutique. My friends hotel was centrally located amidst the hustle and bustle of the Souk Markets Marrakech is well renowned for. Smaller boutique hotels known as Raid’s are all charming which have converted courtyards with plunge pools are perfect for relaxing in the evenings. Enchanting illuminated lamps sets the scene for intrigue.

Things to do in Marrakech

Things to do in Marrakech

Things to try and Experience

A spot of Moroccan Mint Tea in morning is just the perfect wake up call to start your day. If you like things sweet then this is the best sugar rush you will find. Morrocan Mint Tea at the Riad Alida where my friend stayed was a splendid ordeal with fresh fruit and olives during Breakfast followed by sun lounging on the rooftop terrace to take in the rays of sunshine.

Things to do in Marrakech

A spot of Moroccan Mint Tea in morning is just the perfect wake up call to start your day. If you like things sweet then this is the best sugar rush you will find. Morrocan Mint Tea at the Riad Alida where my friend stayed was a splendid ordeal with fresh fruit and olives during Breakfast followed by sun lounging on the rooftop terrace to take in the rays of sunshine. On days like today it’s important to Keep it cool in a crisp white by the plunge pool in Marrakech,  Shorts, Sunglasses are the essentials and suncreen

Enjoy a spot of Moroccan Mint Tea

Things to do in Marrakech


My wonder through the Souk’s in the Medina brought me to an exquisite Moroccan lanterns market stall as there was lots to see inspired me to look deeper into the world of high fashion as Vogue once did before me visited Marrakech for Fashion Editorial shoots. It was my chance to see for myself and wow it was a wonderful experience.

Things to do in Marrakech

Take in the breath taking views of the city from any of the hotel Riad Rooftops is highly recommended.

Take a moment for some photo’s or if you prefer a spot of quiet sunbathing in the afternoon there’s something for everyone including plunge pools in some hotels.


Things to do in Marrakech



This suburb Moroccan restaurant is conveniently located next to The Riad Alida Hotel. The Dar Marjana restaurant boast an impressive gourmet set menu which enables you to sample the local cuisine beef tagine in the opulent surroundings of majestic souk den for a magical experience. Its discreetly hidden away in an alley away from the busy streets but once you enter you are transformed into an Oasis bliss and tranquillity the perfect way to end your evening.

Lastly, be prepared to haggle and bartar for the best price of authentic antiques, handmade products such as jewellery produced by the finest local artisans to the most exotic food and spices can all be found here. Take in the culture of the city and immerse yourself in the wonders and intrigue of the city in all its beauty.

Thanks for reading and look forward to taking you on my next trip.

Interested in exploring more of Morocco let All The Rooms take care of your next vacation

Disclaimer: This article was inspired by my own personal experience of being on vacation in Marrakesh. As always all opinions are my own