Morning-wear, black tie, or the good old no dress code specified. From personal experience it’s all in the details don’t you agree?

Wedding fever has got the better of us, and with so many Dress Codes what does a Gent wear to mark a formal special occasion? Check out my recommendations on what to wear to that all important official engagement party, which reminds me that my close friends are announcing their official engagement at a formal cocktail party before the big day. I find Weddings are the best way to kick off the summer before the new seasons sporting calendar calls for a change of attire and embark on our summer vacation.

There’s never been a better time to discover tailoring that looks great, no matter what season it is and of course fine accessories to match. I recommend a great range of watches by brands Larsson and Jennings or Smart Turnout which I love for their vibrant watch straps just like the one I have is a classic preppy style. The look is now complete which reminds something is missing perhaps gifts for the future Bride and Groom as I still have a bit of time to organise finding the perfect gift before this week’s engagement party!

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