Considering your next Vacation much closer to home, Where is the most popular staycation in the UK?

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Many people who may not exactly be budget-restricted have resorted to new ways to enjoy their leisure time, and an option that has gradually become popular among many is having a staycation. It has come to stay and, to date, has accounted for many domestic travels. Already, 17% of travellers have resorted to it, and many more are likely to follow suit. Here are three exciting staycation ideas worth exploring.


  1. Glamping

top 10 staycation destinations uk


A coined term for glamorous camping, glamping is a perfect way to escape the city and enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. With various glamping options available, from treehouses to luxury tents and cabins, there’s something to suit your specific taste and budget. Many glamping sites, like national parks, are set in beautiful locations and offer unique experiences such as stargazing and campfire cooking. Glamping sites often provide guests with high-quality bedding, with some upgrading to hotel qualty bed linen to enhance the overall experience. You can find excellent glamping site options in Cornwall and elsewhere in the UK. You can stay in a luxury yurt on a working farm in any of these places. Thankfully, the size of yurt you choose can contain a king-size bed, wood-burning stove, private decking with countryside views, and many more. If your staycation is on a farm, you can enjoy traditional farm activities or explore the nearby beaches and coastal paths.

  1. Spa retreat

top 10 staycation destinations uk

If you want to relax and unwind, a spa retreat could be just the ticket. With many spas offering overnight packages, you can escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in treatments such as massages, facials, and saunas. Many spa retreats are in stunning countryside, offering tranquil surroundings and beautiful views. Several spa facilities are strategically located outside city centres to enhance your staycation activities—some range from modern spa hotels to historic thermal baths. Like many other staycation revellers, you will enjoy spots like the Ragdale Hall Spa, a popular choice thanks to the peculiar rooftop pool with picturesque views and a range of treatments.


  1. Coastal getaways

top 10 staycation destinations uk

A coastal getaway can be the perfect escape if you love the sea. The UK has many beautiful coastal towns and villages, with plenty of opportunities for exploring seaside activities. You can while the time away by surfing, paddle boarding, and going for beach walks. The UK coast has something for you whether you want a romantic getaway or a family holiday. Coastal getaways tend to have picturesque harbours, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters, making excellent backgrounds for capturing memorable photos and videos. Even better, you will find countless accommodation options, from boutique hotels to self-catering cottages and plenty of restaurants and cafes serving fresh seafood. Early booking of popular staycation sites is advisable to confirm your preferred space in time and avoid any inconvenience.

Remember that a staycation can also be in the comfort of your home if you’re not interested in domestic travel or trips.




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Compare boat insurance

Whilst these activities are suitable for almost all adult ages, here we look at what some of the best boating activities are for the over 50s, the benefits of taking them up and some of the sensible issues to think about to keep yourself safe on the water from safety gear to comparing boat insurance.

Sailing boats and motorboats

These types of boats have grown in popularity over recent years, but there are some big differences between the two options to consider before making any purchase, as although they can seem similar, they are in fact quite different.  They both offer a different way of exploring the water, sailing boats tend to have less space but offer a wonderful experience, whilst motorboats are generally perceived as being faster and have larger engines for example. We have outlined other points to consider as well:

Sailing boat advantages include:

  • Ability to travel further: A sailing boat will never run out of fuel, so boaters can travel further and longer before needing to get supplies
  • More cost efficient engines: As they have much smaller engines, they need less fuel to run, and are cheaper to maintain
  • Better for the environment: The most obvious advantage is that sailing boats create no emissions making them a very responsible way to explore the water and get out there
  • Peace and quiet: You can always just enjoy the feeling of the wind and the sound of the waves on the boat if you want some serenity and peace and quiet. There is no drone of an internal combustion motor to break the tranquillity of the journey, so you can be surrounded by peace and quiet on the water

Sailing boat disadvantages:

  • They need a lot of time and energy: Sailing is a physical activity. The sails and steering require constant adjustment, and you must concentrate on the water and weather around you. Even though there are significant savings in the engine department, money will still be spent to maintain sails and rigging. They do have long shelf lives, but it is still something to consider
  • Restrictive space: Masts and sails and rigging and pulleys – there’s a lot happening on the deck of a sail boat, and this means that a lot of deck is taken up already by these
  • Less shelter: Enjoying the water and the elements is a part of the joy of sailing, but sometimes there can be no shade on the deck of a sail boat, so this can become too much if the weather is extremely warm or if there is lots of rain for example

Motorboat advantages

  • Speed and space: These types of boats will always be faster than a sail boat, they also have less parts on the main deck, and so have larger and more comfortable living spaces to enjoy
  • Less planning: As long as you have fuel and the boat is in good condition, you can head out on the water. You need to be mindful of the weather conditions as well as the direction and speed of the wind, heading out only if conditions seem safe, but otherwise you are good to go
  • Simplicity: Motorboats require less training and experience to use them compared to sail boats. The majority of the knowledge needed is to understand how everything works on the water and when it is safe to sail

Motorboat disadvantages

  • Noise: Larger boats have the extra room on board to isolate boaters from the sound of a powerful engine, but on smaller boats this means the noise can be pretty loud. When testing it out, try and gauge how loud the boat sounds so you understand what it will be like to have this out on the water with you
  • Fuel: Fuel can be expensive, but without it your motorboat will not move. So you need to factor in this and making sure you have a backup supply on your boat as well, which needs to be stored safely
  • The engine: Regular maintenance will be needed on your engine to keep it in good condition. You need to factor time and finances into this when budgeting for a boat, as a replacement engine can be expensive

Jet skiing

As a fun and physical activity, jet skiing can be done while on a family holiday or when enjoying the beach with friends. There is a lot of thrill and energy that comes with the speed of a jet ski, and you will never get bored while out on the water with one. People are increasingly noticing that taking up jet skiing can provide a wide range of health benefits as well. For example:

Jet skiing advantages:

  • Physical exercise:Jet skiing will certainly provide you with a good workout on the water.  This in turn will help you increase blood circulation, all whilst having fun at the same time. Most people don’t know that the average person can burn 238 calories over a half an hour jaunt on a jet ski
  • Improves balance: Crouching and sitting on a jet ski and trying to manoeuvre it around water is a hard task. You will learn how to balance and coordinate your body as you move the jet ski through the water at different speeds
  • Stress relief:Jet skiing involves you having to focus on the job in hand, and many people have found that doing this, combined with being out on the open water is a great stress reliever against the modern day hustle and bustle of normal life

Jet skiing disadvantages:

  • Popularity: Whilst jet skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, they aren’t always popular with everyone because they can be perceived as dangerous, and they do get some negative attention because of this. The government even launched a consultation to clamp down on dangerous use of jet skis back in 2021
  • Comparison to other boats: They are classed as more dangerous than boats or any other vessel on the water because of the volume and the types of accidents they are involved in
  • Noise: They are extremely loud, and this tends to put people off, people who may wish to buy one or people just watching it can find the noise a lot to deal with

Other points to think about

Whatever boating activities you decide to take up, you should always look into the insurance requirements first, and not as an afterthought. More often than not, there will be no legal requirement to have insurance – unlike with car insurance. However, it is advisable to take it out. Being on the water can cause different issues and problems to being on land, and so in this sense insurance is essential. If your jet ski, motorboat or sailing boat for example becomes damaged by the weather or in another boating accident, you will find yourself adrift with no help and advice without the right boat insurance policy suited for your needs. Similarly, even if you wish to take up a smaller type of boating activity such as canoeing or kayaking, it is best to consider a standalone policy to protect your boat from the elements and any other accidental damage that might occur on the water. This way you will be able to have genuine peace of mind whilst you take up and enjoy new activities on the water in your 50s and beyond.


It's the thought that counts, not everything is last-minute...

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the best valentines gifts for him


1. Louis Pommery England Brut 75cl, Available Stockist at Ocado £30 | 2. Red Letter Days Luxury Gifted Experiences straight from the Heart, Especially for Him Gift Boxes from £49.99, | 3. How does an Indulgent Spa Break for 2 sound? Ragdale Hall Spa exclusive Offers from £449 for Two persons per night| 4. Get Ready for Date Night with His & Hers Accessories, STEEN Luxury Foldable Travel Slippers from £167| 5. Guy Laroche Paris, Give the Gift of a Signature Scent with fine masculine scent that embodies power and captures the aroma of a bold and seductive allure. Drakkar fragrances have the perfect gift sets to give that special man in your life, is he a Classic Noir or New Intense? UK Stockist Sephora or Available at | 6. Spoil and treat your loved ones to a VIP Exclusive shopping Experience fit for a King or Queen, By Appointment Only, Available at Printemps Paris Flagship Store



Editorial Disclaimer: Some items featured have been gifted as press samples to review and I would never promote something I would not otherwise use myself or recommend to others to ensure the feedback I have given is honest. All prices quoted in this article are subject to change by the brands at anytime mentioned here and some links contain affiliate links which I may make a small commission off the sale of items with no extra cost to you


What do you learn from exploring new places?

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The Best Ways to Explore A New DestinationImage Credit – CCO License

Speak To The Locals

This is always going to be one of the best things you can do if you want to explore somewhere in the best way possible. Just spending a little time speaking to the locals is going to mean that you pick up some great ideas about what you can do in that place and which corners you might want to explore. It’s really quite amazing how well this can work, so it’s something you should certainly think about at least. It might mean that you see a lot more in no time at all, which is always good.


Of course, a really good way to get around pretty much anywhere is to drive a car. You may or may not want to do this in some places, but it’s always worth thinking about if you are keen to see some of the hidden gems that a lot of destinations have to offer. There are a few essential ways you might want to do this. You might, for instance, decide that you want to buy a car from some local car dealerships, or you might decide to simply hire one. And depending on how far you are going from home, you might even be able to take your existing car.

Research The Place

It’s always a good idea to research a place before you go, as thoroughly as you possibly can, because that way you are going to have a much better sense of what it’s all about. These days it is easier than ever to research somewhere, as it’s mostly just a matter of going online and seeing what people are saying about it. You can find blogs, websites and online magazines which are all dedicated to this, so that is something that you should certainly think about when you are next due to travel.

The Best Ways to Explore A New DestinationImage Credit – CCO License

Get Lost

Finally, there is something to be said for simply going out there and allowing your feet to take you around. You might find that you end up discovering some places you never thought you would discover, and that is something that you are definitely going to want to think about. So make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to do this, should that be the kind of thing you enjoy doing. For many people, it’s the best way to explore any destination they happen to be in.



best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives


Fancy a romantic getaway from the typical British Weather and thinking of a paradise destination to forget about the state of the economy and the antics of politicians, well look no further as paradise has a new name, the Maldives. Imagine picturesque turquoise blue waters and clear skies, pure white sandy beaches, waving palm trees, warm inviting evening sea breezes as you sit by the ocean and sip your favourite sundowner cocktails the Maldives is the ideal location.

best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
Photo Iconic Creative
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
Photo Iconic Creative
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives

Take the Scenic Route on a Seaplane with Trans Maldavian Airways

Upon arrival to the Maldives we took a pre-booked chartered seaplane with Trans Maldavian Airways to the Adaaran Select Resorts on Meedhuparu Island in the Maldives the only way to travel in style for an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget.

Today is brought to you by the letter M. M stands for Maruhabaa a Maldivian greeting for you’re welcome!. Male the main Island where Velana International Airport is situated south of the atolls can be reached by a 45 minute seaplane from north atoll Meedhuparu the amazing resort we stayed at for 5 nights and finally the word Maldives. Make your own Mark on the world map and manifest your own Maldivian Memories.

Missing the summer sun lately? it’s time to take the plunge and book a trip to the World’s Leading Holiday Destination, the Maldives. Relax on pristine white sand dunes to exploring coral reefs and their marine wildlife or perhaps you’d like to experience the excitement of a jet ski ride off shore on an island tour excursion trail to spot some dolphins in the ocean. 

Travelling to the Maldives couldn’t be easier as most major Airlines fly from London Heathrow or Gatwick with a stopover in the Middle East such as Gulf Air whom I choose to partner with during this press trip kindly sponsored my Falcon Gold Airport Lounge access both ways at Heathrow and Bahrain. Use of Gulf Air Airport Lounge is only exclusively available to Business Class and 1st Class passengers even more reason to book with them and collect air-miles points, including priority boarding which makes skipping the security line a breeze just one of the perks of being a business class ticket holder.

Some islands however can be reached by speedboat compared to those other islands located further afield which can only be reached by Seaplane or a domestic flight transfer. Foreign currency in the Maldives that’s widely accepted in the Resorts are US Dollars which is used mostly by foreign tourist on vacation here just to give you a heads up.

best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives

On my recent trip to the Maldives I had a 5 hour stopover in Bahrain with an enjoyable luxury experience inside the Falcon Gold Airport Lounge which made travelling long haul a lot easier during my itinerary. Inside the lounge itself it was contemporary, clean and relaxing atmosphere including all the essential amenities from smart phone charge points, golf simulation, a pool table, cocktail bar to the warm welcome from attentive staff members. Shower facilities were also available on site for ease of convenience when transiting through the airport to freshen up before your next flight.

There’s even a place to get some rest in the sleep pod area which includes a warm blanket and this includes a wake up call from staff to ensure you board your flight on time. Before getting some rest there are plenty of food and beverage options with an array of sumptuous cuisines on offer served in the Gulf Air main restaurant from light snacks to main meals. The kitchen can even make you a fresh pizza from the oven on request and the best part was they had a popcorn machine and gelato ice-cream which was delightful if you fancied a sweet tooth for desert after dinner.

best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
Photo Iconic Creative
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives
best luxury all-inclusive resorts maldives

Floating Breakfast in the Infinity Pool – Experience Adaaran Resorts by Aitken Spence Hotels

Adaaran Select Meedhuparu resort offers visitors the chance to enjoy a romantic floating breakfast with fresh baked pastries, fruit, a selection of cold cuts to cheese platters served with fresh juices and to top it all sparkling wine!.

I had my morning breakfast in a quiet spot of the Prestige Water Villas Infinity pool with a view overlooking our private beach and ocean, so it felt very private. This is ideal, especially if you’re on a honeymoon or enjoying a romantic getaway for two.

For content creators Meedhuparu Island is such a stunning location for Travel and luxury lifestyle destination photography. It makes it so much easier to create stunning imagery to catch the eye of even the discerning travellers looking for wanderlust inspiration. You can capture the most exquisite moments, ranging from tranquil evening sunset horizons with a whole array of colours in the sky, to vibrant blues in hues of the serene crystal-clear waters and skyline. Also, the subtle shots using foliage to provide mystery and intriguing shadows during afternoon strolls along the beach.

Adaaran Select Meedhuparu Resort all-inclusive Prestige Water Villa’s provides excellent luxury serviced accommodation equip with your very own personal Butler during the duration of your stay who drives you around the island in a golf buggy. Just one the delightful perks being a VIP guest which makes life that little bit easier and you get to take in some sightseeing along the way. Consider walking on foot too around the island is also an option. Expect a friendly warm welcome in a tranquil setting on the ocean, glorious weather, island wildlife, not to mention the sumptuous cuisine and sunset views that take your breath away.

Meedhuparu is set in a stunning secluded location for privacy and the weather is divine, exactly what you dream of on a cold wet windy day back in the UK. The Adaaran select resort has a water sports and dive centre with all sorts of activities available from stand-up paddle boarding, to see through canoes, surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat ride to fun tube when you sit on an inflatable and get pulled along by a jet ski. 

Theres even a catamaran for keen sailing enthusiast depending on the weather. I myself attempted the jetski and funtube where I used three cameras to capture the action: one camera captured the main action and two GoPro cameras in waterproof cases on my wrist and chest harness captured all my adventure on the water.

It’s been a fantastic adventure. I’ve learnt so much. The Maldivian people are lovely, very friendly, accommodating and welcoming. The resort is fabulous: lots of different accommodation to suit all preferences, lovely restaurants from pan-Asian fusion to Mediterranean, and bars to cater to all taste, whether that be a quiet drink in beachside bar or in a livelier bar in the bustle of things at a weekly beach party. You can order meals to your room, have a romantic sand bench dinner on the beach during the sunset and dine with elegance while you gaze under the stars.

A range of water sports is available at the resort such as snorkelling or sea bob snorkelling where you take an underwater mini submarine that helps you navigate more easily whilst swimming.

Apart from catering to thrill adventure seekers that love jet skiing, fun tubing, banana boat rides, or wind surfing you can try out various excursions and key attractions such as the evening sunset boat ride and fishing trips. What more could you want from a luxury holiday destination in the Indian Ocean?

Editorial Disclaimer: PR Invite as Gifted Press Stay Experience. This Media Visit was kindly gifted by Adaaran Select Meedhupparu Resort Maldives and I am under no obligation to post about a brand whether or not I choose to do so. Also, I would like to Thank the Aitken Spence plc Marketing Team in the UK and abroad including Gulf Air Airline for Sponsoring me during my Press Trip. How I choose to work with brands on any collaboration whatsoever is always down to personal choice and preference if I feel it’s a good fit for my content and audience so I can always give my honest feedback.

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Eco Friendly Hotels London

Traveling to London? Need to stay central? This eco-friendly, luxury apart hotel is located just 5 minutes walk from Waterloo Station

There’s nothing more satisfying than checking into a hotel for a holiday or mini staycation as it’s been a long while since I took an actual vacation. Just last week I headed to the Stow-Away Hotel in South Bank for that well needed staycation one evening. I’ve only managed to get away rarely this year due to the current global pandemic, so welcomed the chance to just get away and make the most of this opportunity to travel. The thrill and excitement of packing a bag once more seemed very appealing to me so I decided to jump on a train to the London Eco Luxury Hotel.


(Gifted Press Stay) The hotel is location in London South Banks cultural district, built in 2018 on Lower Marsh Street in the dynamic cultural borough of Southwark. Southbank has seen creativity come alive from frequent fairs and witnessed historical events such as the hotels original land lot being bombed in WWII has been home to world class arts venues The Southbank Centre to BFI film theatre and National Theatre.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Furthermore, explore the riverside walkway for a scenic stroll and discover the restaurants, bars and historic pubs beside the River Thames. Inside the property there are just 26 rooms which they have a cosy welcoming and elegant style studio apartment repurposed and recycled from shipping containers. Each space is creatively ambitious by innovative design with stylish luxury touches adopting a sustainable approach to living.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Time for that staycation? Stay at the eco friendly studio apartments located in the heart of London’s cultural district Southbank.

The interiors reflect a private residence to support the surrounding land, environment and ecosystem in the area that deliver space efficient rooms in a stylish and eco-friendly way. Every guest room, you will discover solid classic herringbone flooring, marble tiled bathroom, walls clad with finely graded plywood, ergonomic kitchenette design, crisp fresh linens, towels, blackout blind, supersize king-size bed for ample space to sleep one way and face another way watching TV, all combined in a contemporary cream beige, light grey, dark mahogany accents.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Eco Friendly Hotels London

eco friendly hotel london

As you enter your room you feel the vibe exudes a decadence of luxury, functionality without compromising valuable space. Let’s not forget the hotels fully equipped serviced studio apartments to complimentary luxury toiletries from Molton Brown London specifically chosen due to their large refillable and recyclable bottles. At present, its exciting to see some of the larger hotel chains now going this way to up-cycle and support sustainable efforts.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Eco-Luxury, Sustainable functionality without compromising valuable space

Did you know at Stow-Away they have a heat recovery system that recycles the excess heat from the air conditioning system into hot water to help reduce overall energy consumption. It’s good to know that you can sleep comfortably with the aircon on knowing the excess heat is put towards your shower in the morning too.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

I was immediately impressed upon arrival to the property with a friendly customer service team on standby and their keyless entry using a Digital App on your smartphone with ease.

I’d say the check-in process was seemingly easy to set up as your room number and booking details were issued by email before arrival and no waiting around which was ideal.

Contactless check-in upon Arrival for Peace of Mind

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Using the App just open up the key screen by holding it up to the reader on the main front entrance or hotel room door to gain secure access. I stayed in room 203 on the 2nd Floor reachable by the main set of stairs or lift access to all floors. Prices for a Maximum of 2 persons sharing in the Apartments start from £98.10 per night.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Get keyless entry using a Digital App on your smartphone with ease.

I really loved the extremely comfy bed with ultra Hypnos mattresses – the Award winning makers of bespoke, handcrafted and sustainably-made beds & mattresses approved by the HRH the Queen. In hindsight the overall design aesthetics of the room sizes and layout during my stay were effortlessly sleek and contemporay.

Eco Friendly Hotels London

Eco Friendly Hotels London

But the main highlight of this room had to be the fully equipped kitchen for all your culinary needs as a home away from home. As this stay was personal to me to switch off and relax, I did just that by taking a rain shower and pamper myself with Molton Brown toiletries before bed in the walk in marble tiled bathroom. But, most importantly I wanted to comment how clean the apartment was especially at present where this is essential more than ever before.

I’ve never felt so re-assured with contactless check in, mask, relaxed social distancing rules in ground floor restaurant and bar ‘Unwind’ Pop Up at the Hotel to a spotless Apartment with fresh remote for Smart TV. Rest-assured a lot of careful thought has gone into implementing a solid covid action plan on their website to ensure all guest feel confident they are always protected. It’s so good to be back in hotels again whether you need to stay a for the night, a week, or longer duration, this contemporary eco hotel offers everything you could want to make your stay a pleasant one. I’ve already recommended Stow-Away Hotel to friends and family as a space to work and a space to relax for those interested in booking a Business trip to London? The eco Apartment studios are centrally located in London, which offer sufficient space to work, relax and enjoy.

Eco Friendly Hotels London