Our round up of the Best Tech, Beauty & Grooming to Accessories while on the go during a hectic Fashion Week you can count on!

From personal experience of fashion week ever wondered how people get through it with an ever demanding schedule of catwalk shows, presentations and events. Well look no further. I’ve created my own tips and things which come in handy when on your feet and constantly on the go. This includes beauty and grooming products as well as tech gear and trendy designer accessories.

Read about my personal recommendations here and shop some of my FASHION WEEK Essential Survival KIT. It’s time to refresh your make up / grooming kit with style!

1.  Laptop is your hub for communications, but I prefer a tablet as it’s more mobile and very light weight so you can check emails, social media and track any last minute changes you need to make and edit.

2. The emergency charger is your life saver and spare battery for your smart phone in case your battery life runs flat. I usually take two fully charged before I leave home. These are better to be compact as possible and come slightly slim in other versions available at all major retail stockist

London Fashion Week

Amplified Power Charger for your smart phone while on the go

3. A luxury note pad to take note of any important details while at the designer shows during fashion week. I prefer to put pen to paper by jotting things down. Mines from Furla which was a great find and made from real Italian leather. It’s great to indulge in a nice piece of stationary which makes writing that extra bit special.

A selection of Assorted Notebooks from Accessories at Furla www.furla.com

4. Foot helping aid products such as plasters or gel pads prevent your feet get overworked from walking but don’t want to rack up the taxi fares on Uber to be on time to last minute shows and parties. A foot spray from the Body Shop with cooling menthol peppermint oil instantly revives tired feet and gives long lasting freshness makes it that extra more bearable for pain relief. Take into consideration comfortable and practical footwear which can be fashion forward as there will be lots of walking at times

Peppermint cooling & reviving foot spray 100 ml £6:00 [Photo: www.thebodyshop.co.uk]Peppermint cooling & reviving foot spray 100 ml £6:00 [Photo: www.thebodyshop.co.uk]

London Fashion Week

The Body Shop UK

5. A good eye cream to revive tired eyes so they look fresh and radiant is key if you are not able to squeeze in a good night’s sleep. I recommend one from Bliss which is suitable for all skin types, locks in moisture, protects with antioxidants, and improves the look of dark circles and paraben free. Its feeling to the skin is very light weight and natural

London Fashion Week

Bliss Fabulous everyday eyecream 15 ml £25:00 [Photo: www.blissworld.co.uk]

6. A base product for makeup application to improve the appearance of dull skin such as Vitamin C Skin Reviver can be applied after moisturising to achieve that instant smooth and healthy looking glow. There’s a really great one from the Body shop with vitamin C Amazonian camu camu to produce that everlasting radiance makes the skin feel very smooth.

London Fashion Week

Vitamin C Skin Reviver The Body Shop 30 ml £16:00 [Photo: www.thebodyshop.co.uk

7. Designer Accessories to hold your tech items securely in poach for my emergency charger. My Alexander McQueen patent leather case with signature skulls detail is very rock and roll. Vintage Bloggers own

Alexander McQueen phone case in black patent leather skull detail

London Fashion Week

8. A statement laptop carry case to carry my tablet and fashion week invites as well as random bits and bobs such as essential items.

9. Designer aluminium RFID shield card wallet to hold your company business Cards: you never know who you will meet during networking events for professional contacts in the fashion industry. It’s also a great way to look chic and follow up with any potential leads after fashion week.

London Fashion Week

Ditch the bulk with the N1/N2 designer Card Wallet holder from Imossi London with customised colourful straps to co-ordinate with your stylish designer wardrobe

[Photo: https://imossi.london/] £39.99 RFID Shield protects your cards from fraud

10. Keep hydrated always with water and don’t drink too much alcohol as its not great for your skin if your main goal is to survive the marathon of fashion week to get full media press coverage of the shows. Good content is vital as a fashion professional

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.Any prices quoted were at the time of going to press and subject to change by the brands companies only.

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