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How to Wear Tweed Jackets this Spring - A Reason to love Vintage Clothing

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Ways to Wear Tweed Jackets this spring and Casual Separates. Looking for inspiration this weekend so what better way to pass the time like rummage through my closet for something suitable to wear as I packed for the weekend in the home countie. A visit to the country sounds ideal and who knows with this weather we might be lucky. And so, as it happens I found an interesting vintage piece blazer I forgot I never had so I thought it would be great to revive an old time classic favourite tweed. It’s fine cloth is made in England by Harris Tweed by the way and I love so much as we are yet to transition from spring into summer. Well, that’s until the weather improves to say the least as I can’t wait til it gets warms again and we can enjoy the new season.

What I wore: Products Featured were Hat by Hat Attack Collaboration for DKNY, Sunglasses Prada, Vintage Tweed Blazer Urban Outfitters London, Casual Seperates by H & M long sleeve crew neck burgundy tee, Topman Denim Black skinny jeans, ASOS Beige Desert Boots, DKNY Black Felt Parachute Backpack

A great statement piece such as a blazer can make all the difference to dress up a casual weekend look worn with a long-sleeve crew neck t-shirt and a pair of skinny denim jeans. My favourite accessories are firstly sunglasses as they give it that edge and the right hat too in this instance it’s a pork pie hat keeps the look retro. Lastly, to finish off the look a parachute bag accessory like this one I’m wearing is modern and minimalist keeps the overall look contemporary




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After last nights antics I was sensible to return home at a reasonable time by midnight as you figured events kicked off the start of London Fashion Week Men’s yesterday with a party at Topman Design as well as the One For The Boys Ball in aid of charity.

This season I think I was well prepared and had a fair idea what I was going to wear for Day 2 at LFW MENS. Let’s start with a pair of sunglasses as these always come in handy if you want to conceal those tired looking eyes from the night before. Get my point. Anyway, I had just made my way into town with plenty of time to have a slight snack and a caramel latte as I cant stress enough that you must eat because you’ll need all the energy you can get during a long day.

With glorious summer weather again today it seemed appropriate to dress in a white t-shirt again and dark skinny jeans again. I throw on my signature light leather jacket and hey presto the look created, is it more ‘James Dean or Jason Priestly from Beverly Hills 90210. I felt great in it ‘Carpe Diem’ I think the photo speaks for itself with some side action for the cameras is my favourite Street Style shot would you say. What do you think of this look – it’s perfect to dash in between the shows and its really comfortable but looks understated with just one signature item that’s the leather jacket is all you need to dress up a semi casual outfit.