With Bank Holidays around the corner, what trips will you be planning? Style your getaway capsule closet with a touch of well-being to help you relax and unwind during your weekend away.

Although it’s a long weekend break I’m going to make the most of it and looking forward to trying out these amazing body and bath products as well as home items.

Taking home comforts with you while traveling makes it all worthwhile so you can spoil and pamper yourself with these amazing products from Neals Yard Remedies and Isle of Skye Candle Company.

Scented candles are just one of the few favourite things I love to take with me during my travels because they are so easy to pack and small in size along with the rest of my miniature travel essentials.  The scented candle happens to be Vanilla and Fig scent which is delicately sweet. It ‘s infact a unique product being made in Scotland as the classic tartan suggest luxury and sophistication in the ways its package makes it the ideal present.

Being Easter Holidays I’m so grateful to have this product gifted to me as a present so I can try it out which is one of the perks of blogging that you sometimes get complimentary products from brands which I much prefer instead of a chocolate Easter egg.

I found this weekend’s weather to be quite disappointing with the downpour of rain I still managed to get out and about for a walk with my dog in the countryside for some fresh air. Afterwards you know that feeling of coming in from the cold and wet it’s time for some me time to relax and unwind. There’s nothing more better or comforting than running hot bath and with a drop of Neals Yard Remedies Aromatic Foaming Bath to restore your body’s sense of wellbeing.


This delightfully fragrant foaming bath contains a soothing aromatherapy blend of flower scents including lavender, Spanish marjoram and geranium essential oils with a skin condition herbal infusion to help relax you. What I love about this product most is its organically produced ingredients’ and paraben free. Do you have certain travel essentials you love to pack feel free to leave a comment below as I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Have a wonderful  Easter Bank Holiday x

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