Yesterday evening the Fashion, Music and Art World came together to Celebrate the new works of Art by acclaimed Fashion Designer Philip Colbert for his private view and opening night at The Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea. I’ve been a great fan of Philips work since the beginning and always excited to see what he comes up with next. I attended his last pop up event during the summer in East London and the theme’s of his work becomes even more quirky and fun every time. His playful take on popular culture such as Snoopy to the Red Lobster play their significant part’s to resemble what popular culture means to it’s viewers and how it can be interpreted through communicating visual imagery which is iconic.

For Colbert’s solo exhibition you can sense there is a juxtaposition where art, fashion, media are merged together depicting how popular culture which surrounds us can influence and affect our lives. By observing the Artist paintings up close we see a world full of chaos in today’s society, war on terror, the demise of the American dream to mainstream social media in the digital age being the driving force of our society. I think it’s great to see fashion and art form their close relationship to evolve as modern day contemporary surrealism which is intriguing to look at.

The presence of Philip’s Muse’s wearing his signature pieces as worn by model Lady Victoria Hervey for the evening and fashionista’s made things more interesting as the iconic clothing made people feel the art was jumping out of the painting as things that were tangible. It brought movement to the concept of the evening as living works of art were brought to life in the room. You felt part of the designers vision as the spectator looking into his artistic world of creativity. Even, if your not a fan of art it’s something worth seeing if you fancy exploring the relationship between fashion and art in a deeper context as Andy Warhol once did. Vogues’ Editor at Large Andre Leon Talley describes Philip as the godson of Andy Warhol where he brings pop back to British painting with great energy, transporting historical icons alongside today’s celebrities and iconic motifs.



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